Friday, April 24, 2009


The air conditioning in our apartment has been broken for 5 days now and I am about to scream.  We noticed it wasn't working Sunday night, when our apartment was a blazing 76 degrees in the middle of the night.  I'm one of those folks who like it to be freeeeeezing when I sleep.  Freezing, pitch black dark, and with a fan on.  

Last night it was so unbearable, I went and slept in my friend Concetta's bed in another apartment.  Thankfully, their AC is working, and I finally was able to actually sleep without waking up miserable.

I've basically harassed Maintenance the past few days to get it fixed, and after bringing the wrong part and overnighting the correct one, they have promised to get it fixed this afternoon.  I sure hope so because it is going to be 88 degrees outside all weekend.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Senior Skip

As I mentioned, my college career is winding down.  Being a senior has definitely had its perks over being an underclassman that I have certainly LOVED taking advantage of.  

Last night, my sorority pledge class got to skip chapter and do something all together one last time.  For the most part, we all spent a lot of time together, but especially in these last few weeks, every moment together is a memory!  

We ended up meeting at to Gerhard's for dinner and trivia.... which I was so excited about because 1) it's my favorite in Spartanburg (if you come into town, you have to go) and 2) I love love love trivia.  We ended up fourth overall; therefore just barely missed out on gift certificates that I wished would have covered my tab but that's okay.  It was definitely a much better way to spend the evening than sitting in a chapter meeting or studying!  P.S.  I thought I should know this being from SC and seeing them everywhere- but who knew baby alligators were called "hatchlings?"  

I want to put up pictures from the night, but I have to wait to steal them off of my friends' Facebook albums when they put them up...  Hopefully they will be coming soon but I'm still a little foggy on how to make a blog "pretty!"

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My first blog!

So, I am completely new to this blogging thing, but am very excited to be starting one!   I found my inspiration to start blogging from family friends back at home who blog about their lives, families, friend, etc....  I am currently a senior at Wofford College (about to graduate in 25 days...scary!), and figure now more than ever, with life's uncertainties clearly around and ahead of me, would be an excellent time to start!  I have always been a little skeptical on this blogging ordeal because I think a private journal is much more appealing, but I thought I'd give it a shot.  I'm still struggling to understand how this whole thing works so bear with me as I get the technicalities worked out.   To all that might venture a glance on here, hope you enjoy!