Sunday, June 28, 2009

"The Voice Claims Another Victim" by Cal Thomas

Below is an article entitled "The Voice Claims Another Victim."  Written by Cal Thomas, it gives a tremendous Biblical worldview on Governor Sanford's tragic situation and disappointing events.  I found this article very appropriate, well- written, and definitely worth passing along.  Hope you enjoy.

"The first thing that should be acknowledged about South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford's admission to an extramarital affair is that it could happen to any of us. That is not an excuse (and no, it has not happened to me, or to my wife). Every married person has heard the voice; the one that says you deserve something "better."

Gov. Sanford should have been familiar with the voice because of the Bible studies he attended. The voice began seducing humanity a long time ago. It told our first parents that they needed more than the perfection of Eden. The voice told them that God knew that if they ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil they would be like God. But they already were like God, because they were made in His image.

Stick with me you secularists and non-literalists, because there is a point to be made for you, too.

Psychiatrists explain that married people tire of one another after 10 or 20 years (it used to be seven years, as in that Marilyn Monroe/Tom Ewell film "The Seven Year Itch." Must be inflation.). Good marriages are the result of hard work. Forsaking all others is more than a wedding promise. It is a daily denial of one's lower instincts. Temptation is everywhere. The key to overcoming it is to realize you are fighting an adversarial force that wants to destroy you, embarrass you and cause ridicule to be heaped on the God you claim to worship.

One can make excuses about power and loneliness and starting out as a friendship that develops into something else, as Gov. Sanford rambled on about, but one can't explain adultery. It is what it is and the person who commits it should be calling on God for mercy, not the voters for understanding.

I once asked evangelist Billy Graham if he experienced temptations of the flesh when he was young. He said, "of course." How did he deal with them? With passion he responded, "I asked God to strike me dead before He ever allowed me to dishonor Him in that way." That is the kind of seriousness one needs to overcome the temptations of a corrupt culture in which shameful behavior is too often paraded in the streets.

There was a time when a divorce would disqualify someone from public office. Now people admit affairs and expect to stay in office. "It's just sex," said defenders of Bill Clinton. One might as well say, "it was just a gun" that killed my spouse. Adultery wounds in ways a bullet cannot. One can potentially heal from a bullet wound, but a shot to the soul and to the trust that must be central to any marriage is nearly impossible to repair. The wounded spouse always wonders, "Will he/she do it again?"

A relationship most promise to venerate "until death us do part" is damaged by adultery, whether it's a TV evangelist, a politician or a regular Joe who violates the marriage bed. In fact, we rarely even use the word "adultery" anymore because it sounds so, uh, biblical, and those teachings and commands long ago fell out of fashion, though they work for those who embrace them.

Any man who claims never to have had thoughts of straying is a liar. Any man who has sought the help of God and other men in helping him to honor his marriage promises to his wife and children is a hero, especially in today's morally exhausted culture.

I miss Paul Harvey and his acknowledgement of those who had been married 50, 60, even 70 years. Those people are my role models. I'm sure they heard the voice, too, but they told it to get lost and it did. Pushing against weights builds up the body, pushing against the voice builds up the soul and improves a marriage. You can never take a marriage -- or the voice -- for granted; it's always on the prowl looking for new people to destroy."

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cola Trip

I went to Columbia last night for a mini Wofford girls reunion.  Blanche, Lauren, and Sally just moved into a house there, and I have been dying to catch up with them and hang out.  It was wonderful to see everyone!  Before we graduated, I was worried that it was going to be potentially awkward when we all got together for the first time in a while... but honestly, that was not the case at all.  It was like we had never missed a beat!  Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures over the weekend so I've got nothing fun to color my blog with, but I hope I can find some someone else took.  

I LOVE being in Charleston, but I do really wish more of my friends were here.  Luckily, we aren't toooo far spread out (most of us are within driving distance), but I got so spoiled at Wofford having my best friends either down the hall or across a lawn.  In two weeks, we are having another big reunion at my friend Concetta's house.  I'm counting down.  It is going to be a hell of a drive (from Charleston to Hampton, VA---- I think like 7 hours), but totally worth it to see everyone.  I don't even know who is reading my blog, but damn, I miss everyone so much!

Friday, June 12, 2009


I went to my first Charleston Riverdogs game last night and it was so fun!  The company that I work for, Pure, is one of the team's sponsors so we have awesome first row seats- right behind the batter's box!  And, Thursdays are Thirsty Thursdays, so all yesterday I was thinking about a hot dog and a beer.  So healthy, right?

Lash came with me to the game and these days with my work and his internship and studying, we really do not get to spend much time together during the week.  It was great to hang out with him.  

It started out as a really fun game... until Lash noticed a BLACK cloud quickly approaching in the sky.  Because we weren't under any roof, we darted up the steps to get under cover.  Just in the nick of time too!  It started pouring!  Monsoon...  Thunder... Lightning... I was terrified haha!  

But, by that point, we couldn't go anywhere and the car was wayyy too far away to run... So we waited.  1 hour and 40 minute rain delay.  It didn't seem like that long because we found some friends and ended up hanging out with them (and they were still serving beer!).  And somewhere, at the rainy mess, they ended up playing the game again after it stopped raining!! 

We stayed for a little bit longer, but work at 9 am cut my night a little short.  I didn't get home from the game until 11:30 and didn't go to bed until later, so I have been ex-haust-ed today.  Its not even 9pm yet, and I am going to bed.  

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Luci Goosie

Happy Birthday to the greatest sister in the whole world!  Luci is 20!  

I am so lucky to have such an awesome sister.  She is my best friend, and I love and admire her so much.  

Tuesday night my family had a big celebration in honor of our Luci Goosie!  I went home for the evening, and it was a great night.  Though I had to get up extra early to come back to Charleston for work on Wednesday, it was definitely worth it.  Mom fixed a gourmet meal that was incredibly delicious (as always), Luci opened her presents, and all four of us sat around the table laughing about funny Luci stories and times.  There is nothing like family...  I can't wait to go home again!

Monday, June 8, 2009

No more excuses

I never thought the 9-5 thing would THAT big of an adjustment, but boy, was I wrong!!  I have been SO tired at night when I get home from work.... Going to bed often before 10!  I was an early- to- bed, early- riser for the most part during college (well, on the week nights) so I thought 9-5 would be no big deal.  

Well, these days I get home, immediately put on my pjs, fix dinner, maybe have a glass of wine, watch a little TV, do a sudoku and I am out.  I've been trying to let myself "ease" into the routine--- sleeping until 7:30, not doing too much after work, taking it easy...  But not anymore.  
I'm getting back on an early morning exercise routine.  My friends Concetta and Tippins and I were reallllly good about working out last semester.  At least 3 days a week, we'd hit the gym at 7:20 am before our 9:30 classes and other days run in the afternoons.  And I loved those AM gym trips!  Of course, sometimes it was a pain to get out of bed, but nevertheless, it was a great way to start the day.  It gave me so much energy, and it was definitely great to get exercising out of the way!

So now, I have decided to pick it up again.  I'm going on my third week of work, and I've got to move on and shake it up a bit.  Tomorrow AM my alarm is set for 6:45.  I hope I get up!

Friday, June 5, 2009


When I was in school, I thought I got the whole TGIF thing.


I've come to realize that, throughout my brief experience in the working world, TGIF means something completely different.  Once you get to 5:00 on Friday, you are finished.  Sure, some thoughts on the ole "to do" list may creep in my head occasionally, but they fade.  

I have found it so liberating to know that once that clock rolls over to that blessed hour, I have no obligations until Monday morning at 9 am.  Nada.  

Sunday's at school were always stressful- you had to make up for all the play time you took on the weekend, get organized for the week, and hit the books to prepare for the week ahead.... when all you really wanted to do was sit on the couch in your pjs and laugh with friends about what happened that weekend.  Now, I don't have any tests to rush back to study for or any papers to cram out late night and can sit on the couch all I want.

And, for that, I say TGIF!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Busy Beeee

OOOoooo I have been SO terrible at blogging lately.  I hope to get better about it now that life has slowed down a little bit and I seem to finally be getting into a routine.  

We got back from our family trip to the Keys and had a fabulous time!!  We stayed in a great condo on Marathon, with our boat right out back and a pool very nearby.  I was in heaven!  I turned into an angler while we were there, fishing all day everyday for 4 days straight!  We caught a monster dolphin one day off shore, and had pretty good success in the backcountry.  I think the Keys is one of my favorite places to vacation, and I definitely want to go back asap.  It was a perfect way to transition in between college and the real world.

Since then, I have moved into my apartment on James Island and started my J-O-B.  That's right, I am a working woman!  And, I have really enjoyed it so far!  (I think the only major adjustment has really been getting used to the 9 to 5 thing).  I'm sure I will be blogging about office life soon, I just really wanted to get a post up when it had been for-ever.