Thursday, September 30, 2010

Flash Back Fun

This is me and my "brother" Alex around 1988-1989.  Alex's mother and my mother are best friends and born 7 days apart, we grew up doing basically everything together.  Birthday parties, school, vacations, camps, you name it, we were a tight duo.

His mom emailed me this photo recently, and it's brought many smiles to my face.   Unfortunately, we don't get to see each other very often any more, but when we do, a sea of memories come back, and we have the best time together.

Don't you love friendships like that- the ones that aren't just characters in a chapter in your novel of life, but in fact characters in every chapter?

Happy Friday, my friends (a few hours early).  I pray you have a wonderful and safe weekend.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where Should We Honeymoon?

I do realize that this is typically the groom's responsibility to plan, but let me tell you, the word typically does not apply to the life of a medical student and his fiance!  So, as my groom-to-be is currently preoccupied with books, books, more books, and a cadavear, the brainstorming has been left to yours truly! 

Therefore, I'm channelling all my sources and wondering if anyone has any fabulous honeymoon destinations to recommend?


1. Tropical, perferably Caribbean.
2. Somewhere we have never been before. {This nixes the Bahamas, the Keys, Costa Rica, and the Bitter End Yacht Club in the BVIs.}
3. Relatively easy travel. . . aka no Hawaiian 2 day travel time + 6 hr time difference.  I don't mind hopping on a plane and then a ferry, however.

Visualizing something very relaxing and serene. . .   Maybe a day or two, we'll hike or have a water activity while we are there, the remaining days just be able to relax by the beach or {private, preferably} pool with a book in hand.

Perhaps views like these. . .

This post has taken me forever to write because I keep getting distracted at GORGEOUS pics from the internet and daydreaming about the day we get to go to these places!

So tell me- where did you and your husband go?  Or if you are not married, have you gone to an incredible spot with your family or friends that would also be a great honeymoon destination?  I've heard rumbling of Turks and Caicos and St. Barts, but I don't know where to start!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Per Lash's resignation to the library with medical school, I'm trying to keep myself as busy as possible so I don't distract my dear doctor to be. 

Planning our wedding is, of course, great great fun and preoccupying lots of my time. . . but here's an additional glimpse into my chaos I'm calling the new normal these days:

-Work. Business is great and I just adore what I am doing, so I certainly cannot complain in this economy.  Our hours have changed a little bit so adjusting to that schedule has been a doozy.

-Junior League.  My provisional year is in full swing, demanding lots of time and community service.  Its fun meeting new people around town, and I'm starting to really enjoy it, despite my initial hesitations.

-Exercise/ Fun.  I've really been trying hard to take a night or two a week to see wonderful friends for walks across the bridge or a quick cocktail/supper after work.  Its always so great to catch up and unwind- I hope we can all keep this up (ah hem.....)

-Babysitting.  An old camper of mine from Camp Greystone just moved to Charleston with her fam so I've been babysitting a few times.  . . which if you know me is humerous because growing up I was never one to babysit. But alas, its keeping me busy, I love the kids, and its currently keeping me out of my debt. Guess I can't complain there!!

-Essential Jesus Life Group.  Lash and I are participating in this amazing bible study and life group at St. Michael's Episcopal Church that meets once a week.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about this church, and its people-  we have been welcomed with open arms and love the fellowship and education we are experiencing there.  Its been so awesome.  I am learning more and more each day and growing closer in my walk with the Lord. . . which is exactly what I need at this point in my life.  Every week, I leave on fire, refreshed, and fulfilled.

-Hobbies.  In my free time (ha), I'm still debating on getting a new hobby! My mom and sister are really into needle-pointing so I've toyed around with that idea. . . trying to expand my domesticity resume before the big day, I suppose. ;)

-TV.  My roommate has finally convinced me to hop on the TV train with Modern Family.  Wow- that show is hilarious!!  I'm also working on Glee.  I missed it last week but hoping to catch up on hulu soon.  Unfortunately, I had to say goodbye (tearfully) to LOST last May, and that was heartbreaking.  We'll see which of this shows I get into, but something has got to fill that LOST sized hole in my heart.

Anyways, in addition to the aforementioned activities, I have been on the G-O with the wedding. . . with errands, making appointments, browsing online, meeting with vendors, talking on the phone, emailing, etc.  Nevertheless, I LOVE it, and am SO excited about our big day.  Stay tuned last this week for an update on the dress and the bridesmaid dresses.

And, also, if you please,  keep Lash in your prayers this week as he prepares for his first test is Friday. . .  This is a huge ordeal and massive undertaking so please pray for his strength. courage. stamina. peace. confidence. diligence.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trendy Wednesday- Lulu's

Y'all.  All of a sudden my VISA has been taking a hit from  But, I'm telling you, their dresses are absolutely adorable and super affordable!  Here are some of my favorites. 

Isn't this perfect for a Wofford football game? Homecoming perhaps?
I love this belted one shoulder.  I think olive is a great fall color, and love it paired with the brown belt.
A little summery as we head into fall, but this print is so cute!
And this is a great 'throw on and go' dress that you can dress up for going out or down for running errands!

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to restrain myself from visiting Lulu's again anytime soon, but you should totally check it out. AND, from now until 9/30/2010, if you enter the code: FALL at checkout, you receive a 15% discount on your entire purchase!  Tell me that's not music to your ears!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chicken Marengo

Have you ever watched the show, The Next Food Network Star?  I love love love the Food Network.  Admitedly I'm not a huge TV person, but whenever I do curl up on the couch and the TV is on- you can bet it is on the FN. 

I got really into this season of the NFNS.  I loved Aarti and Tom.  I haven't seen Aarti's new show yet, but I just adored her infectious personality during the season. I hope it has translated into success for her!

I also really enjoyed watching Melissa D'Arabian win last season.  I certainly have not felt the same attraction to her cooking, however, since she won, but I did manage to find this gem of a recipe for Chicken Marengo along the way.   I'm convinced that this basic 4- step chicken cooking method, along with her gracious charm, ultimately won her the competition. It is super versatile!  Essentially, you just saute the chicken, saute some veggies/ aromatics, deglaze the pan and viola! Dinner is served!

This recipe for Chicken Marengo is chicken cooked in a tomato-y creole-y sauce, that I love to serve over rice with some lesueur peas on the side. I'm not the biggest fan of peppers so sometimes I omit and double up on mushrooms and onion or add other veggies like zucchini.  Give this a try sometime when your recipe rut is at its finest!

I will forewarn that though I love this recipe, it is no 5- star, serve-at-a-dinner-party-and-knock-your-guests'-socks-off kind of recipe (and certainly not every recipe is).  But, I think it makes for a great, easy week night supper- one that you don't have to spend hours over the stove on!  Since I'm typically still cooking for one, this gets double points in my book because it freezes well.  I'll eat all the chicken and freeze the stock/ tomato base to pull out and serve with sauted shrimp or more chicken. 

Bon Appetit!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Up In The Air Somewhere

Earlier today, I was flipping through the latest edition of Real Simple, and these gorgeous decorative bowls caught my eye.

Don't you just love them?  I guess I'm dreaming of the house Lash and I will be decorating soon.  I'm thinking these could be a unique complement to other Annieglass serve-ware I'm sure we will be putting on our registry.

I also love this paper-mache ceramic set with a splash of color. How fun!

And, this adorable spoon and well set.

Check out the other cool designs at Up In The Air Somewhere.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Big Day: Shopping for THE Dress

TGIF!!  It seems like I am living for the weekend these days, but with these crazy weeks I just completed, I'm not giving myself too much grief. . . the earliest I got home this week after work and other activities was 8:30pm, with the latest being after midnight.  No wonder the bags under my eyes have reached a new level of plump.

Regardless of the chaos, I am SO excited about my dad tomorrow- my mom and I are going shopping for my wedding dress!!!

Unfortunately, I am not regarded as the best shopper- read: high metabolism, low blood sugar. We used to laugh when I was younger because my mom would have to time shopping immediately after eating so that I would actually have the energy and stamina to make it through the dressing room ordeal.  And to this day, shopping takes it out of me. Am I alone in this?

Anyways, I cannot believe this day is here.  I think this is the day every girl dreams about!!  Regarding the dress, I have no idea what style, fabric, cut I am looking for.  I'm going to just go with an open mind and see what feels right. I hope that when I try on THE dress, I'll just "know."

Also, I don't want to get you toooo excited because I will not be showing the dress to anyone. Not the blog world or friend world. Sorry!!  Most specifically because I don't want people forwarding it on to their mothers, friends, whatevers and having preconceived ideas of what I am going to look like. . . AND, I especially do not want the pic to get around to the groom.  I like the element of surprise.  I think it would take away from the day if I blogged all about it.

Anyways, hope everyone has a great weekend.  I've started five different posts throughout this week and not published a dang one so hopefully I can get my act together.  But tell me- - -  How did you handle your wedding dress? Did you keep it a secret or forward on?  Any advice for the 'day of' shopping- besides having plenty of snacks on hand to get keep that blood sugar stable?

Lord, Bless my momma as we tackle this exciting task!!! :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Good, The Bad, And The Skinny

It's been a very long while since I've done "The Good, The Bad, and the Skinny" post (originally inspired by Katie's blog here) so I thought I'd dust off the mothballs and bring my A.D.D. as of late full circle.

The Good: I ordered two adorable dresses from last Wednesday. I'm so excited my future sisters- in- law introduced me to this site!
The Bad: It has officially been a week since I ordered them, and they still have not arrived.
The Skinny:  This is why I am terrible at online shopping. I hate waiting for the shipping, but am too cheap to pay for rushing/ overnighting things.

The Good: After a week-long cold/sore throat/ congestion funk, I am finally feeling better.
The Bad: Being sick is miserable. I've spent the last week popping vitamin C like jolly ranchers and not getting much sleep because I couldn't breathe.
The Skinny: What's up with getting a cold in Sept? There is definitely something in the air. . . So many people have the ick right now! Hope you are feeling well!

The Good:  It is Restaurant Week in Charleston (wahoo!), and some old Wofford girlfriends and I are going to celebrate and take advantage of the great deals this Thursday night.
The Bad: I've had something to do every night this week after work.
The Skinny: I hope I will still be standing by Thursday PM.  Being busy on the week nights really throws me for a ringer by the end of the week. I can't keep up!

The Good:  One of these aforementioned weekly commitments is the Junior League.
The Bad: This is my provisional year.  I've never seen so many community service hours!!
The Skinny: Despite my initial reservations, I'm getting more excited about it and desperately seeking a good attitude and grateful heart. I'm going to meet lots of very wonderful and inspiring women in the area and give back to those in desperate need.

The Good:  You may remember here that I was debating chopping my hair off.  Well, decision made.  I chopped it all off.
The Bad: No updo or heavy veil on the wedding day.  Even though we are 9 months away, a short bob with a few strands pulled back is my only viable option.
The Skinny: I'm at peace about this decision, despite the inordinate amount of stressing I did over something so insignificant.  I keep telling myself its only hair, but praying I'll have a good hair day May 28th.  Hypocritical?

Ending with a wild card. . .
The Crazy:  How is it only Tuesday night?  This is what I feel like right now:

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Big Day Venues

I have the wedding planning team extraordinaire- my fam!  My parents are two of the most organized people I know and both love to plan a party.   My sister just completed a summer long internship at W.E.D. (Weddings Elegantly Designed) and an absolutely gold mine of wedding knowledge.  So needless to say- I've got the dream team on my side.

It also helps that Lash asked for my hand in marriage almost two weeks before he proposed- so the dream team got together with the groom to be's dream team and voila! The wedding planning is moving at full steam ahead.

We've already booked the date, May 28, 2011 (hooray!!!), the church, the minister, the reception venue, the band, the caterer, the florist, videographer, and photographer.  I cannot believe we have so much accomplished already.

We are going to get married at the Parish Church of St. Helena's (Episcopal) in Beaufort, SC where I grew up going to church.  Built in 1712, St. Helena's is a gorgeous historic church, located right in the heart of downtown Beaufort.

The interior is also stunning.

Following the ceremony, we will then have the reception at my family's place in between Charleston and Beaufort.  My cousin got married at Laurel Spring last May, click here to read about it and here to see more pictures of my favorite place on earth.  This is going to be the view, overlooking the marsh and old rice fields:

This is the plantation house.

I think it is going to be so gorgeous.  I'm so excited to have the ceremony and reception at places that mean so much to me.  Now, we're off to picking out the bridesmaids dresses and finally, my own!  So excited!

Only 257 days to go! :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Writer's Block

I'm having post- engagement writers block.

How ridiculous is that considering I just experienced one of the most exciting days of my life!!

Well, actually, I don't think my WB is from a lack of creativity and inspiration; I've just been really distracted by the tasks on hand in planning this wedding.  I've been devoting my free time at night to looking at wedding books, tearing out pictures from magazines, and going over ideas with my mother.  There's just been too much going on to post!

More so, I guess, I've also struggled to find a way to keep this blog as it was- recipes, stories of daily life, rants and raves- when my world was just suddenly changed and priorities completely rearranged! (Note: in a fabulous way!  I am absolutely not complaining, just adjusting to the transition, and super looking forward to the future!)

Also, I'm typically not someone likes to just throw words down on a piece of paper or computer screen.  Every now and then, an idea strikes me, and I can race to my computer and write away.  But, most of the time, however, I like to take my time constructing posts.  Writing is very relaxing to me.  I love being able to think through my thoughts as I type them out.  I love the challenge of constructing a well-written paragraph where ideas flow effortlessly from sentence to sentence.

I think good writing is a delicate combination of art and science.  A science, in that a sentence, in its most basic sense, equals a subject + a verb.  But an art, in the way, you paint a vivid picture with the words you chose.  I love words.  I love thinking of synonyms and finding the exact right word to describe a situation.  For this reason, I think that's also why I loved being an English major.  Not to mention, my bedside table and bookshelves are filled with crossword puzzles.

I hope you will continue to stay with me as I work through this writer's funk. :)  Perhaps I shall resort to Steele's Writers Block Syrah/ Shiraz for some inspiration.  It even has Shakespeare on the label.

Just kidding. :)  Have some fun wedding details to share tomorrow so keep checking back.  Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh, The Places We'll Go

It's been five days since we've been engaged- and I am still just over the moon excited.

Many thanks for all of your thoughtful comments and best wishes for us during this wonderful time. I  am so excited to be able to share this chapter of our lives with friends, family, and the blogging community.  How ironic my blog title seems at this time- indeed, Oh, The Places We'll Go!!

Unfortunately, going back to work is hard enough after a long holiday weekend, but let me tell you- throw a whirlwind engagement in there, and whew! It is tough facing reality!!  But life goes on, and I have been able to focus a little bit. :)  However, if anyone has any blogs, websites, books, etc, to recommend, I would love the "distraction!"!

As life slowly gets back into the routine, I hope to update soon with some new recipes I've tried and other fun stuff I've been up to.  Hooray for football season, cardigans, and all things fall!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


The photo fairies finally sent me some pictures, and I am so excited to share them with you :)

I was totally surprised when we walked into Cypress to see all of our families there!  I love this picture.

Posed with my fiance!

"Let me see!!"

My sister and maid of honor. . . who made the trek all the way from Spartanburg, SC to surprise me!

My sister and my future sister- in- laws!!

The sweet mothers. . . who pretty much have the whole thing planned including the date, band, caterer, and flowers!

Daddy's girls.

I cannot wait to marry this handsome fella!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

"The" Story

Ahh I still cannot believe we are engaged!!!! We could not be happier.  What an exciting time of our lives!!!

So here is the engagement story. . . 

Lash and I have been dating for five years this October.  We met at Wofford when I was a freshman and he was a sophomore, and truly I believe it was love at first sight.  Moreover, I think we've "known" for quite some time that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, but have been diligently waiting for God to reveal His time for us to take the next step.  Despite my best attempts at patience, lately, I'd come down a little bit of the wedding fever, and secretly hoping Lash would propose soon.  

Lash has always said that when we got engaged, it would be his date idea, not mine.  So when last Sunday, he asked me to go out to dinner the following Friday night, my antenna was raised!  I got so excited!!  

But Lash immediately realized his mistake, and was absolutely non- committal with plans for the rest of the week.  Reality hit, and I began to think it wasn't going to happen, though I was disappointed.  I called my sister on Friday at lunch, and just said,  "Luci, just tell me I'm crazy and I need to get over this because I know it is not going to happen tonight, and I am going to be really disappointed, and I don't want to get upset."  

So my brilliant sister, who was, of course, in on the whole thing, confirmed my suspicions. "Yes, ML," she said, "you are totally overanalyzing this- he is not going to propose tonight, you need to get over yourself so you aren't too disappointed and get upset and don't enjoy your night tonight."  I sighed, and thanked her for the pep talk and tried to move on.

Well, fast forward to 3:00pm when our office closed early in honor of Labor Day.  Hello long weekend! I walked down to my car and found a note taped to my driver side window from Lash.  This note contained the my first set of instructions, telling me I had a big surprise in store for me, but I had to drive straight home.  

My heart leapt for joy!!!  I just knew today was the day!!  Y'all, I wish we had a video camera of me in the parking lot.  I was literally dancing around and screaming "yay!!!"

I drove straight home- longest ride ever- where I received my next set of instructions taped to my front door.  He then sent me on a scavenger hunt around my house that unlocked a word jumble. Each 'clue' told me different things- where we were going to dinner (cypRess), his goals for our life together (bIble), his love for me (romaNce) and finally, what we were celebrating (engaGement). . . so each word spelled the letter RING.  :)  The last clue lead me to my front door where I opened the door, and there he was where he got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him, and, of course, I said "YES!!!!"

Lash is SO creative, and he seriously thought of everything.  His mom gave me a bottle of champagne when I graduated from college.  A bit on the sentimental side, I'd been saving the bottle for the night when we got engaged.  Lash had the champagne chilled, with roses, with the song "With This Ring" playing on repeat.  It was awesome!!  And of course, now "With This Ring" will be our first dance at our wedding!

After tears of joy and dancing around the house as we shouted- YAY! WE ARE ENGAGED!!!-, we called our families and friends with our fabulous news.  The best part was that Lash had orchestrated a surprise supper at Cypress with my parents, my sister, my grandparents, his parents, his sisters, and his grandparents.  I could not have asked for a better way to celebrate.  

It was the perfect day.

Here is my ring!!!!!! It is an exact replica of my mother's ring, that I've drooled over for the past 23 years :)  P.S. I'm so proud of this artsy photo!!  Maybe my photography skills are getting better!?!

I am in Litchfield tonight celebrate with my family and PLANNING, but when I get home tomorrow I will post pictures of our special night.

Y'all I am SO happy!!!!!! :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010


I have not had the chance to blog much this week as I've been really engaged with lots going on. . .

I've been engaged in a little bit of an electronic hiatus when I get home from work, instead trying to read and enjoy the cooler weather Charleston has been having lately.

I've been engaged with catching up with old friends, walking the bridge and enjoying the last few rays of summertime at Sullivans. . .

I've also been engaged visiting my parents out of town.  I love that Beaufort is so close and I can easily hop down there during the week. . .

But mostly, the blog has taken a backseat because I have been sweetly blessed and am beyond excited to tell you that,

We are engaged!!!

I am the happiest girl in the world!!!  It was the PERFECT proposal and PERFECT evening. I have not been able to wipe the smile off my face since the proposal.  I'm just glowing inside and out.

I cannot wait to share the details (and pictures) with y'all.  Please join us in prayer as we begin this very exciting chapter of our lives together.

Lash and I are getting married!!!!!! :)