Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Rigor and Weekending

So another entire week has gone by and no blog post from me.  It has got to be a sign of the holiday rigor.

I'm working off of day 7 straight with evening plans... and with the exception of tomorrow night, the fun (insanity?) continues for 4 more.  I do have to stop and be thankful though for the full calendar. Lash is in the midst of test week... and thankfully, the final test week until February 2012.

On Thursday, we will reunite for many celebrations- surviving the first semester of med school married, 6 months of wedded bliss, a three week break for him, an upcoming Caribbean vacation, and of course, the Christmas spirit.  To say I am excited is an understatement.  Thursday night has a big red circle on my calendar.

While he's been in the library, I've been trying to avoid being a desperate housewife- meeting up with girlfriends, wrapping Christmas presents, and decorating!  Friday night, I joined some college friends for dinner and a white elephant gift exchange

but I called it an early night so I could jet up to Murrells Inlet again to hang out with sweet baby Elle, her parents, and Concetta!

I love this baby!

And this adorable little family!

Although our visit was brief, it was so wonderful and I just can't wait to watch sweet Elle grow up!  How cute is this stork?  And momma Tippins looks amazing!!

Once I made it back to Charleston (by the way, Mt Pleasant construction and traffic is miz), I did a really quick turn around to get ready for a holiday party with Anna.  We all had a great time getting fancy and ringing in the season.

I got a lot of grief that night because Lash was in the library at MUSC so when he finished for the night, he came by (2 blocks over) and picked me up at 10:30.  Yes, I was the married loser who went home pretty early, but I'm okay with it ... I got a good night's sleep :) made it to church in the morning and had a super productive Sunday.

What's been going on in your world lately? Are you involved with a ton of fun holiday events? Even though I've been a little MIA myself, I'm still keeping up with you :)

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  1. I hate to call us out, but that self-timer shot isn't that bad... And even if we did give you grief about going home, next time you're staying out! I have to say that I enjoyed this test week. 3 visits in 5 days! haha