Sunday, January 29, 2012


Good Sunday evening to you!  Hope you had a great weekend!  Ours was a great mix of activity and relaxing- which is perfect in my book!

Friday night, Lash spent the night in the books and I happily curled up with HGTV.  I cannot get enough of Property Brothers, Kitchen Cousins, and House Hunters.  Since we weren't going out and drinking our calories, I whipped up these delish nutella treats!  I'll post the recipe this week, because they were a big hit!

Saturday, we went shopping for Collins' debut!  I am picking her up this Thursday.  Look at the sweet pictures the breeder sent me today.

Saturday afternoon my mom and dad came up to Charleston, and the four of us watched my alma mater, Wofford, beat the College of Charleston (my mom's alma mater) in basketball.  I love basketball, and it was such a fun game!

My parents had dinner plans with friends so we split ways and Lash and I went to Tasty Thai on King.  You obviously know they are catering to the college crowd when their signature cocktail is a tequila shot and a beer for $5!

I can't recommend the restaurant for the atmosphere, but I've always had a really good meal here... and they are on so its never super expensive and very tasty.  I didn't take pictures of our meal but we started with spring rolls, I had pad thai, and Lash cashew chicken.

We did an early dinner, and by the time we finished, all of our friends were just sitting down at other restaurants on the peninsula... so what we were going to do to kill an hour or two before they finished?  Go sit at a bar just the two of us?  Nope, go to Hom and play ping pong!!  This was so, so random but we had a blast... and a couple marathon matches! 

We ended the night at Midtown, and have a really crappy picture to prove it!

Today, we slept in and I lounged and exercised while Lash went back to the books.  We went to St Michael's for 6pm contemporary service and I snapped this gorgeous pic of the steeple on the way.  Everyday I am reminded how thankful I am to live here...  Charleston is so gorgeous!


  1. Looks like fun, glad you had a great weekend!

  2. What a nice weekend. I have never been to Tasty Thai but will try it! Collins is a cutie!

  3. ok, i am in love with collins!!! i of course have a thing for labs...considering i have two! :) looks like yall had a fabulous weekend!

  4. What a sweet little boo!He will bring so much joy!

  5. I totally agree I love living in (near) Charleston......I am in Summerville....your newest family member is did the first night go??