Monday, October 29, 2012

The Makings of a Comeback?

I have not blogged in almost three months.  A part of me needed a break because prioritization and schedule limitations truthfully left no time to devote to this outlook... but I also wanted to soul search why exactly I was doing this and what my plans were for it long term.

I can't say I accomplished the second goal, but I have missed the creative freedom and fellowship, and I am having a hard time throwing in the towel so easily on something I started back in April 2009.  There are a lot of years and a lot of memories on this site!  I also hate that I have missed documenting so much of our first and second years of marriage, friend's weddings, and other adventures, so I'm breaking the ice. I feel like I am finally in a place of peace and renewal.

I have no idea if anyone is still out there reading, but if you are, I appreciate your loyalty while I got my life together.  Moreover, shout out to my sister and her blog, that really encouraged me to get back on the horse!