Sunday, September 21, 2014

Whole30: Week 1 Menu

Well, week 1 is in the books!  As they tell you to expect, I had horrible headaches and cravings and thought about quitting on day 3.  However, I held strong, and quite honestly it has not been that bad!!  I can already tell a remarkable different in how I feel and sleep.   

Here's a recap of our dishes.  

This was a random pinterest find that intrigued me by the different flavors and ingredients.  The spices here are not my typical go - to (nor is lamb) but in the interest of keeping things in the kitchen fun, I decided to go for it.  Both Lash and I really liked this just because of the difference factor.  

Citrus Broiled Salmon with Kale Salad and Tomatoes
A single lady meal while Lash was working.  I seasoned the salmon with lemon, olive oil, garlic, s/p, and broiled for 8-10 minutes

Lemon Herb Salmon with Kale Salad and Roasted Green Beans and Butternut Squash
The BEST meal of the week by far.  This salmon is insanely good.  I am still dreaming about it and wishing we still had leftovers. This will be on the rotation.

photo via cooking light
We loved this soup recipe prior to Whole30.  I modified it to be compliant (no sugar, etc) and it was still delicious.  Tons of flavor, does not taste healthy, but is! 

Charred Tomatoes and Herb Chicken Saute, Cauliflower, and Kale Chips

If you ever have an "ugh, I don't feel like cooking/ how can we make this chicken work" meal, bookmark this recipe!    90% of the time you will have the ingredients in your pantry.  My mom, sister and I are hooked. To make this Whole30 compliant, you can sub ghee or omit and just char the tomatoes.  

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  1. Yum! Definitely making some of these next week - they all look relish! Yay for your first week being over!!