Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Are you there, blog? It's me, Mary Loyal.

Are you there??

I've been terrrrrible about updating this blog but I tell you what- lately, I have had NO inspiration... The creative juices just have not been flowing.

I've been getting an occasional shout out from friends that y'all are still reading.. so thanks for sticking with me! Hopefully your encouragement will motivate me to get back on the horse and keep writing.

So what have I been up to lately??? Moved Luci into Wofford, went to Garden City for Labor Day to hang out with friends and Lash's family, went home for a weekend for our annual Rowe/ Wofford blow out (my mom's college best friends come to Beaufort for a reunion.. it is always one of the highlights of my summer!) and then went to Raleigh with Tippins to visit Concetta.

Recurring themes? Back to back travel and being super busy!! I finally spent the weekend in Charleston last weekend--- the first since the beginning of August! I was so glad to finally be able to relax and not hop in the car--- although it really has been a great summer. Hopefully things will slow down a little bit in the fall... though with football and homecoming and whatever else comes along, I doubt that will happen!

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