Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Fall Y'all!

(Finally) Gone are the 80 degree October temperatures, and I am so excited!! Summer is hands down my favorite season... I love the heat, beach, river, sun, vacation, relaxation, etc, but there definitely comes and time and place for the cooler weather... and after about 5 months of 80-90 degrees, I'm welcoming the cooler temperatures with open arms!

Things I love about Fall:
-Cooler temperatures in the AM and PM but tolerable temperatures midday
-Oyster Roasts
-Leaves changing
-New beginnings
-Weekends traveling to football games or hanging out in Charleston with friends
-Going to Laurel Spring (family plantation in between Beaufort and Charleston)
and of course,
-Fun Holidays and reasons to get together with friends and family

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