Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

I carved my first (and last!!!) pumpkin this year. I made the mistake of NOT getting the $2 pumpkin carving kit and I was pretty much cursing myself the whole time for that decision. Basically, I HATED every second of pulling out all that those slimy insides, got impatient, and just started carving.... so I can't even put a candle in it because about half of the guts are still inside. But regardless, here is the finished product-- clearly we've got a prize winner in the house!!!

Hahaha, it looks so pathetic.

Also, this is a HYSTERICAL picture of my parents. They dressed up for a Halloween party for Wofford's Parents' Weekend. I can't not even tell you how bad I wish I had seen this in person. My sister sent me this picture to me on my blackberry via MMS with the subject "Who the hell are these people?" hahahahaha I LOVE IT.

Happy Halloween everybody!

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