Thursday, February 2, 2012

She is here!

Collins is home and I could not be more excited! She is currently snoring in my lap as I type this and I am completely content... (sans missing my husband who is starting test week).  This bundle of joy is a wild, crazy thing and 100% puppy.  While I must admit to feeling a little overwhelmed, I am so engrossed in puppy love (and breath) that it almost doesn't matter.

Any one have any puppy tips or suggestions?  I am a little nervous about night one, but hope we'll get a little shut eye or a least some good cuddle time :)


  1. Omg she is so so so cute! Enjoy!

  2. ahhh!! so adorable!! if you have any questions, feel free to ask me! i would love to meet her soon!!

  3. Ah Puppy Love! Are you going to let her sleep in the bed after you crate train her? Our yellow lab sleeps on my feet every night!