Wednesday, February 22, 2012

why i am not ready for motherhood (yet)

Our puppy loves following us up the stairs in our apartment, but she does not love going down. Every time she follows us upstairs, we try to coax her into taking the steps a few at a time but she pitches a fit and we ultimately end up carrying her down.  This is no big deal now because she is 16 lbs, but when she gets better, we will have to work through this.

Tonight, after a long and busy day at the office, I took my glass of red wine upstairs to put on my jammies and our adorable little shadow followed.  I was rushing to head down the stairs to watch a recorded episode RHOC (still behind a week) and hurriedly grabbed the pup in one hand and my glass of red in the other.

Two seconds later, all we have is the crime scene.

Lash, studying in the room next door, came out to my scream and saw the "blood" and immediately rushed to my attention, thinking the worst. 

All I remember is that the pup moved, I overcompsenated, missed a step (and then five), landed square on my tailbone, and glass of wine spewed all over our white walls. 

Thankfully I'm fine, and so is Collins- she took off as soon as we landed and started licking the wine- but I just burst into tears.   Maybe its one of those things that just scares you because you know it could be a lot worse, but that was enough for me to throw in the towel today.  I'm off to bed.  


  1. Poor thing! I am sure you were scared! Glad you were ok!! I hate seeing wasted booze!! I hope the stairs become less of an obstacle for that little one!

  2. Oh this post made me giggle, a lot. I said the same thing to my boyfriend today after the baby next to us in church had a dirty diaper and we both started gagging. Haha!