Monday, November 5, 2012

Glamping in the Mountains

I did not want this past weekend to end.  We had the best time in Sapphire, North Carolian, relaxing and enjoying great company and awesome views.  Though my body could use another day lights saving, my heart is full and mind rejuvenated.

Friday, we loaded up Collins in the back of the car to go play with Cousin Moe in Greenville for the weekend.  She looks like a queen all sprawled out in the back with her bone, and surprisingly was an excellent traveler in the back without her crate.

With our Greenville detour, it was a long drive, but absolutely worth it in order to catch this sunset view upon our arrival.

While we waited for the rest of the crowd to join us, Lash and I cooked a delicious homemade pizza Friday night - whole wheat crust, bbq sauce, caramelized onions, shredded chicken, bacon, and a four cheese blend.  I wish we had leftovers because I would legit eat it for breakfast right now.

After a late night of laughing, we went on a gorgeous hike on Whitestone Mountain on Saturday.  

The views at the top were stunning.  You could literally see for miles and miles.

After our hike, we relaxed for the remainder of the afternoon and continued our "glamping" - a real house wives reference for glamorous camping - with happy hour in time for another gorgeous sunset.

We ended the evening perched by this cozy fire, laughing and chatting away.

None of us wanted to get on the road Sunday, 

but the trip was a gorgeous reminder of the hand of God, the foliage was just popping with deep reds, golds, and oranges.  For this born and raised Lowcoutnry girl not used to truly seeing "fall," I loved the escape and scenery.

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  1. now! What an amazing weekend. I could use some of those "laugh so hard you cry" moments more often.