Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tasty Tuesday: On the menu

with roasted brussel sprouts, and fettucini alfredo for my man
An oldie, but goodie any day of the week.

with roasted broccoli and quinoa
New favorite way to cook salmon.  This recipe is incredible.
via how sweet eats
My aunt's friends founded Starboard, a gourmet seafood company, and mom brought me the Shrimp Scampi and Miso Salmon with Udon noodles to try.  The salmon was delicious, so I have great hopes for this.  I typically do not eat any lean cuisines or frozen entrees, but with a very busy week this week, I have no problem popping dinner in the microwave for 5 minutes and calling it a day.  The dishes are $4.99 and available at Harris Teeter.
My sister made this last weekend and raved about it.  I am drooling looking at the picture, cannot wait to try it!
via oh she glows
What's cooking in your house this week?


  1. I don't eat salmon but Cameron likes it so I may have to try that recipe out. Sounds good!

  2. That kale and butternut squash dish sounds amazing and perfect for the Autumn weather which has finally arrived in New Orleans! Hope you've been well!!

  3. Hi Mary Loyal! Kym Beckham here.. Keep posting these recipes! I can't wait to try the ones here! Thanks so much to you and Lash for coming to my house for our Christmas Drop-In. Don't forget Sunday night TV!
    BTW, I HOPE ya'll did not get the flu from me! I am still sick!