Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday

- Well, we know how I feel about Facebook lately, but how about the 28 things that are worse than your friends on Facebook talking about the election.  I laughed out loud at #10 and #19.

- World Market has the cutest holiday decorations.  My mom got the felt turkeys to decorate the family reunion Thanksgiving tables with, and I got the owl to place around our house.  Everything is on sale right now so you should check it out!

- I can totally relate to this LEZ BE REAL on 20-something article- sans the sex and relationship section.

- It's been a crazy week - both personally and professionally.  I woke up this morning on 4 hours of sleep with a sty in my eye and a sore throat.  #miserable

- Tomorrow is Friday.  Thank goodness!!!!!!!!!


  1. 28 things definitely made me laugh out loud too!

  2. That Buzzfeed list had me rolling yesterday! I am feeling the exact same way about Facebook - don't quite know what to do. Hope you feel better!!!

  3. I am obessed with World Market,even though where I live at now does not have one. It got to the point where they knew me by name when I walked in there. I think the weather is what making everyone sick (flu,sinus infections over in this neck of the woods. Get to feeling better, though.