Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I actually enjoy Mondays. 

Is that weird? 

I'm aware that general consensus is that most people hate Mondays, but there's something about Mondays that I really like. 

(I know, at this point, you are probably concerned RE my sanity. . . But, I write this with full honesty, and promise this crazy summer heat has not been getting to me!)

Why are Mondays so great?  You start the week off with a blank slate!  A fresh start, new beginnings, the chance to make it a great week, the opportunity to tackle the day and week ahead.  Must be the optimist in me, but I like to think each week is going to be better than the last. I'm more confident in my new(ish) position in work, feel more informed about decisions I'm making, and ready for the challenges ahead of me. 

But, as much as I think I'm prepared for the week ahead, it's immediately obvious that things are going to pop in that I hadn't planned for.  How I envision my week going Monday morning at 9:00 is subsequently completely different than how it ends Friday at 5:00.  But I like that.  I like the spontaneity.  It doesn't bother me to have to all of a sudden drop everything and deal with an new and more imperative challenge.  I think a little spontaneity, coupled with a lot of flexibility, is key to life! 

And after work, during random, spur of the moment things is fun!!  Who cares if that laundry waits one more day while you instead join a friend for a walk or for a glass of wine at happy hour?  I guarantee that memory with a dear friend far outshines the memory of laundry.  That's how I've been trying to live my summer.  That's also probably why I haven't been the best blogger.  :)

So in light of a love for Monday and sponteneity, here's some random, non-sensical thoughts I've been thinking lately:

-I have got to stop texting while driving.

Yes. Funny to joke about, but a serious prob in my life.  WHY am I so dependent on my phone?  Facebook and texting can wait until my destination!!!

-Why is tipping sometimes so awkward???  I just got a pair of pants hemmed. . . Should I have tipped the seamstress? What about getting a car wash??  Am I alone thinking it's super awkward?
I'd probably put a confused smiling beneath this :) haha

-The Great Kombucha Crisis of 2010 is KILLING me.  Come on, GT, put it back on the shelves!  Backstory for you non-Kombucha-ers: Kombucha is a fermented Chinese tea with renown for its desirable health benefits.  Though no major scientific tests have been run, it is heralded in the non-scientific kingdom for restoring balance and vitality of its consumers, giving energy, helping with digestion, miraculously curing hangovers, and making people feel great all over.  This Kombucha crisis is a result of damn Lindsey Lohan. (Seriously. I knew I never liked her. Grr.)  Apparently, Ms. Lohan's anti-alcohol/rehab bracelet went off one day when she was consuming said heavenly beverage.  Well, indeed, Kombucha is a fermented tea- so by default- contains trace amounts of alcohol. . . but less than 0.005% per 16 ounces.  I'd wager a fair sum and a half to assume that Ms. Train Wreck Herself most likely took her Kombucha a la Vodka, but what do I know?  I read People!  Now high and mighty gov't officials are examining Kombucha to ensure it does not need to be labeled differently.  And to cover their own liabilities, all retails have pulled them off the shelves, and Kombucha is no where to be found. Its a sad, sad summer. . .

Enjoy jail Linds!!! Thanks for also locking up Kombucha with ya!

-We've had some monster summer storms lately.  It makes sleeping a little difficult when your house is shaking from thunder and room is as bright as day from lightning, but man, I love a good thunder storm.

-I just finished the best book!  You have got to put this to the top of your summer reading if you have not read it already. It is amazing.

You've been warned: you will not be able to put this down. And your life will be changed. For the better. You will be inspired.

-Kleenex is one luxury I hope I never have to live without. Seriously.  Probably use at least 5 a day.

-I've been to the dentist MORE in the past month than I have in two years.  Two cavities and one gross tooth that was bothering because of decay.  Yuck.  I swear I brush my teeth twice, sometimes three times, a day.  This morning thankfully was my last treatment, when I had the last cavity filled.  It reminded me of that awesome youtube video David at the Dentist.  Have you seen it? I posted it below for your viewing pleasure. It is so awesome!! That's pretty much how I felt today. The right side of my month was numb until almost 3:00.

So that's my random thoughts about Monday (on a Tuesday) and life. . . Enjoy!

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