Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Not a normal weeks folks, Part 2

Our AC is out.  We are not catching a break this week, huh?

I got home from work and thought that our AC just could not keep up with Charleston's 105 degree heat index while Mr. Contractor worked on our kitchen floor (with the back door open, and if you read yesterday's post, by default, the freezer/ fridge door open as well, haha).   Not so, my friends.  I turned the AC down as soon as I walked in the door to 65 hoping to freeze everything in the apt, but four hours later, the thermometer is still sitting heavy at 80 degrees.  No fun.

However, despite my woes, other than the quirks of the apt, I can't complain.  In the interim, I've definitely been sampling some great grub around town with no kitchen.  Unfortunately, though, its been a week + since I've last exercised as well so I'm likewise staying away from the scales. . . but there's always next week. . . right?

My big news is that the ole blog is getting a little face lift.  For the past few nights, I've been tweaking with the HTML code.  (By the way, did you see my new signature??  All completed by yours truly!!)  However, after several "umm what am I doing" moments, I've finally given in and agreed to let someone else figure out this crazy computer code and make it pretty for me.  I should have majored in computer science.  Anyways, I can't wait for the updated look to be revealed in the next week or so.  Stay tuned!! (And officially click "follow me" if you aren't!! I want to know who you are!)

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