Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chive Blossom Crab Nachos

If you are ever in the Pawleys area, do yourself a favor and go eat at the Chive Blossom.  It is one of my favorite restaurants I've ever been to.

Everything I have ever tasted from there is to die for, but my personal favorite is the grouper.  Pan seared grouper with a tarragon cream sauce served over white and yellow corn with zucchini ribbons.  OMG- You will love it.

My mother and I have each tried numerous times to duplicate this delicacy, but have yet to master it.  I'm not giving up though.  Other family favorites are the tuna, scallops, and the crab nachos.

Anyway, work responsibilities called me to Hilton Head Island Monday and Tuesday, and Tuesday on my way back through the Lowcounty, I stopped in to spend some time with my parents.  {So awesome being able to do that, especially as we plan this wedding :) }  My dad and I went for a great boat ride last night and ended it by pulling our crab traps in the creek.  You may remember my love for crabbing some last summer here.

"What are you looking at?" hehe
Lash and me last summer showing off our catch. 

So my parents and I spent last night doing a little wedding planning, and enjoying each others company as we picked crab.  Armed with my favorite goodies, I headed back to Charleston bright and early this morning to work and I've been stewing alllll day over how I was going to cook this heaven.  I felt like Bubba Gump rattling off all the options in my head this morning.  Finally, bing!  I remembered the Chive Blossom!!

Modifying their incredible version to what I had at home, I sauteed diced onions and mandolin sliced zucchini in a touch of butter and olive oil.  While the broiler preheated, I layered the chips with crab meat and veggies, threw some montery jack cheese with jalapenos on top, and served with some guacamole and fresh salsa.  I just wish I had had someone to share it with!

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