Friday, October 8, 2010


I love traveling for work, but let me tell you, it kind of throws me off- between all the planning to go out of town, packing, being gone, getting back, unpacking, settling in, and getting back to normal.  I think my setback was that I traveled Monday and Tuesday of this week.  So for you to tell me that today is Friday, I want to laugh. I have no idea what day of the week it is.  In light of my chaos, I thought this kind of post might be a little easier.

-I am trying to design a wedding website. I thought this would be such a breeze after almost a year and a half of blogging.  But whew, Blogger > The Knot.  Admittedly, its probably more user error than design flaw as I am a creature of habit, but y'all I am strugggggggling!  We are going to try to send out the Save the Dates shortly, so I've got to get the website up and running before those puppies hit the mail!  Hello, deadline!

-Lash and I stumbled into two tickets to the South Carolina v. Alabama football game this weekend.  Wahoo!!!  It is definitely some of the biggest football to hit SC in a while. ESPN game day will be there, we are playing the #1 team in the country! I cannot wait to see old friends and enjoy the big game day atmosphere!  I hope the Gamecocks put up a good fight kick face!!

-Many thanks for the positive encouragement and feedback regarding the Purple Stride 5K.  My friend's dad just recently did not get the best news in the world so I am so glad we will all be able to be together and support their family.  If you would, please remember them in your prayers and if you are so moved, donate to our cause.

-In preparation for our 5K, I just recently ran 3.14 without stopping or any significant training! This is a milestone for me!  I'm blaming the pasta I ate for lunch that day.  My typical run is a little over 2 miles but that day was a long one and Charleston has just been having b-e-a-u-tiful weather as of late so I just kept running.  I'm hoping I can keep this up and toying with the idea of working on times, etc.  Am I turning into a runner???

-Speaking of fall and lighter temperature, how bout dem apples? Do yourself a favorite right now and go to Publix and buy apples. Or even better go pick your own or march down to a produce stand for mountain apples.  As part of the wedding-everything-in-moderation plan, I'm kicking the 3:00 cracker binge for an apple.  I swear it makes a huge difference.

-In light of the weekend, I'm going to leave you with these thoughts:

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