Monday, October 25, 2010

Wake Up Call

I am loving our whole engagement season.  The cards, the congratulations, the best wishes, the fun, the plans, the appointments, the dreams  . . .  I am having a blast.

The only problem? My waistline is not sharing my same glee.

Seriously.  It is time to wake up and smell the diet.

We got engaged September 3rd and that first weekend (minus the first night) I was SO conscious about everything I put in my mouth and went running both days. . .  I can remember thinking, "ML, you've got to fit in a wedding dress, you don't need that cheez-it!  Think healthy!"

Then, people started coming into town or we went to go see family and friends and had fancy (re: high calorie) dinners to celebrate or grabbed a cocktail (or four), often times both, etc, etc.  And I have not paid one bit of attention to the scale. Whoops!

I have gained 3 lbs celebrating out engagement!

What in the world? Talk about airing your dirty laundry on the ole blog, but I am so mad at myself! haha! I know that's not a whole lot, but considering in the grand scheme of things I'm supposed to be in the negativo gearing up for the big day, I'm currently on the wrong train.  Did any of y'all go through this when you were engaged?

I've been sized and fitted for my dress, and it is currently in production so I've got three months to get my little shelf into shape before the alterations begin.   Anyone have any tips for a bride-to-be?

Here's to new beginnings!

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  1. Oh Lord ... I'm down to 55 days and need all the help I can get!!