Thursday, June 16, 2011

Making Time for Your Marriage

Throughout our marriage counseling, one of the recurrent themes stressed to us each session was the importance of making time for our marriage and having a weekly date night.

It's easy to imagine how life's hustle and bustle can make it easy to disregard time together or put it on the back burner.  Yes, we technically see each other a good bit each day- we sleep next to one another every night and pass each other as we are running out the door in the mornings-

but the essense of this date night is quality time...

when it's really all about you as a couple. . . to take a step back and remind yourself why you married one another.  To catch up.  Do something fun together. And importantly, to have something that you together look forward to each week.

While I envision most of our date nights will be fairly casual affairs such as going on a walk, watching a TV show together, or playing a game, last night we treated ourself to a date at Virginia's.

Lash was in country- cooking heaven.  I'm a little bit embarassed to post our entrees because they were soooo unhealthy, but whatver... you know this is not my typical fare.  Lash had the fried chicken with collards and mac'n cheese, and I had the apple brined pork chop with hoppin johns and collards.  Not exactly a place I would go and order a salad, but the food was pretty good!

I definitely felt like I had a ton of bricks in my stomach last night from the heavy fare, but it was so fun to celebrate and treat ourselves to a night on the town.

We were blessed with a generous and thoughtful gift certificate to Virginia's as a wedding present. So with that gift, coupled with a gift certificate, we indulged in an appetizer, 2 beers, a bottle of Pinot Grigio, and two entrees- for {drum roll please} $14.

(Disclaimer so I don't completely sound like a wino: they have half priced bottles of wine during the week and it was cheaper for me to order the bottle than 2 glasses. I did not drink the entire bottle at dinner, thank you.)

It was amazing!

P.S.  Will be posting wedding pictures when we get them back from the photographer-- which should be soon!  If you want to see the videographer's short web video, let me know!

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  1. those plates look amazing! what a yummy evening.