Sunday, June 12, 2011

Menu Sunday

As promised, here is a recap of our fun dining week last week!!  As wonderful as it was, we ate like we were still on our honeymoon so this week's menu is going to feature significantly lighter fare. :)

Saturday:  Ranch Panko Chicken with PW Summer Stir Fry

This supper was the ultimate comfort meal the night after we got home from our honeymoon.  I have cited the chicken "recipe" from Christie's blog, though I agree with her, it is more a method than a recipe.  I will have to say though, this has been my go-to dinner on many occassions-- it is so easy and so flavorful... everyone loves it!!  Also, as you know, I kind of want to be the Pioneer Woman, and this recipe of hers celebrates all the fabulous things that summer has to offer- fresh corn, zucchini, tomatoes, and basil.  It is the perfect, perfect side dish with just the veggies or light meal with the shrimp.

Sunday: Beth's Favorite Potstickers with Asian Slaw

I love Beth's blog, and oh my, we love her potstickers.  They are a messy labor of love, but so worth it when you have ample time, great company, and a cold cocktail.  Put this recipe on your to do list!!  We served with a dipping sauce of chili sauce, soy, and sriacha- yummmm!

Monday:  Med Bistro

We had such a fun recap of the wedding weekend over a wonderful meal out with my parents.  I like Med Bistro, its a quaint, local(ish) spot that is typically pretty quiet for mid-week dining.  I had the seared scallops over butternut squash risotto and Lash had a man meal- ribeye with mashed potatoes.

Tuesday:  Grilled Pork Chops with Blueberry Compote, Rice Pilaf and Roasted Broccoli

I found this recipe in Rachel Ray's "Everyday" magazine that I picked up in the airport in Mexico on the way back from our honeymoon.  I was so intrigued by the unique combinations and dog-earred the page.  When blueberries were $1.99 at Publix last week, I decided to go for it.  Final answer? Really good!!  Both Lash and I loved switching up our palates with the blueberry reduction- it was a great compliment to the pork.  The only sub I did was adding ginger to the mix for complexity and balance.  I am quite pleased with this and definitely would make this again.

Wednesday: Fish tacos

These were amazing!  Feeling adventurous, we tried both fried and grilled tacos, and served with more roasted broccoli and cherry tomatoes.  No chips, gauc, or salsa?  So many dietary bonus points and negative calories, right? lol.  Our tacos were comprised of grilled or fried mahi mahi, a lightly dressed slaw, and a take on "bang bang" sauce from Bonefish grill-- something around 1/4 c mayo, 2 T chili sauce, 1 t sriacha, a dash of soy and a squeeze of lime.  Seriously, this was my favorite meal from the week.


I was a little bit disappointed with this meal as it truly was nothing remarkable.   I mean it was good, but not "I can't wait to share this recipe or blog about it." The inspiration is from an Apron's meal at Publix that we sampled when we were grocery shopping last week.  At that time, we thought it was out of this world... but we also went to the grocery store hungry so it was probably our own stomachs tricking us.  I would make the edamame stir from again sans the rice, but not the chicken and the whole she-bang...

What have you been cooking with lately?  I need some new ideas and inspiration!!!


  1. yum! your menu looks fabulous!

    and i love med bistro! just had lunch there on friday- hope you are enjoying married life!

  2. This all sounds amazing! Especially the fish tacos!