Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wedding Recap: The Calm Before

Note:  And so begins my long overdue recap of our wedding weekend.  I have an outline of posts set up that I hope to follow, and I am so eager to share these memories with you.  This will by far be the longest, as I am covering the days leading up to the wedding, but I hope you still enjoy.  For a refresh of our engagement story, click here!


In the days leading up to the wedding, my family and I tried to relax as much as possible in the calm before the storm.  Saving my vacation days for the honeymoon, I worked remote two days from my parents house and took off Wednesday- until.  During the days I worked, my mom, dad, and sister were tirelessly ironing out the last few details, including putting together the gift bags for out of town guests.

Our burlap gift bags were adorned with the talented artistry of my dear friend Hanna Nation of GADABOUT.  The figures were drawn according to the details of my dress as well as Lash's white dinner jacket attire for the evening. I just adore the personal touch this provided!

The calm and success of the days prior to the wedding can be attributed both to my family's fine tooth attention to detail, as well as these below pictured ladies.  These women are my mom's college best friends, and I am so touched by their generosity, selflessness, and cheerfulness during the week of the wedding.  They drove my car back to Charleston, picked up the flowers for the luncheon, did dishes, watered plants, answered the incessant phone, delivered gift bags, and so much more.  They were the oil that kept the machine running, and we are deeply indebted for their kindness.

Guests began to trickle into town Thursday, and as a "Welcome to the Lowcountry" kickoff, my parents hosted a very informal "The Day Before The Day Before" at their home. Looking back, I am so grateful for this opportunity to visit with dear family and friends before the chaos of the weekend truly set in.  Moreover, it was such a fun way to kick off the weekend!

The Day Before came before we knew it, and my parent's home was filled with the wonderfully important women in my life for a bridal luncheon. I'm really not sure who has all of the photos from the day, but clearly I need someone to email them to me or tag me!

Instead of giving a formal, and most likely tear-filled toast, my mom had all of the guest email her ahead of time with advice on marriage.  Some were whimsical and had us in tears laughing such as "Let him kiss you, at least he wants to!" and others were serious such as "Always have Jesus the center of your marriage" or "Never let the sun go down on your anger."  

My sister, come to find out, spent her entire Spring Break making a scrapbook of Lash and me throughout our years of dating.  I know this was an incredible labor of love, but I am so moved to have such a special reminder of where we came from and what brought us to where we are today.

After a brief rest, it was time for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner!  My mother in law has the hard-copied photos of these, and her camera is incredible so I will have to revisit the actual rehearsal later.

The rehearsal dinner was held at Breakwater Restaurant in downtown Beaufort.  The cozy and modern setting provided the perfect atmosphere.

After a delicious meal, our friends and family gave the sweetest and most heartfelt toasts.  When Lash ended the night with his,  I do not think there was a dry eye in the room!   

Following the toast, we went to Marshlands for Desserts and Dancing.  In awe of the beautiful Lowcountry setting, we danced the night away to the band Three Men and a Lady.

 In keeping with typical Laffitte tradition, the family gathered around and sang a Laffitte- Springs themed rendition of "Be Young, Be Foolish, and Be Happy" - adorned with aprons and chef's hats in honor of my love for cooking.  It was adorable, and a charming personal touch to the party.  I have often worn my apron since and thought fondly of the dear memories!

Because I have a tendency of pulling a Cinderella and turning into a pumpkin at midnight, we headed up early so I could get some rest.

Up next:  The Day Of!!!


P.S. If you made it to the bottom of this post, thank you!!  It was a marathon!

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  1. What fun! You look fab! I love your pre wedding attire!