Sunday, July 24, 2011


In my nearly two week hiatus from blogging, we've had a lot going on.  Here's a brain and camera dump of all the latest happenings around the Springs.

- We are having a ball knocking out our bucket list.  I would highly recommend doing this-- it is such a fun way to remember all the stuff you want to do together and then actually make sure that you follow through with it!!  I am loving the newlywed life.

- We hosted our first dinner guests last night.  It was so fun to open up our home and have Anna and Chett over, and the meal turned out great!  A lot of it could be done ahead so we could really just relax and enjoy the evening.  Anna brought dessert so below was all I did for the meal.  It a simple, low key, casual affair.

- I chopped my hair off post wedding updo.  I love having short hair but I have to admit I was sad to see my pony tail go bye-bye.  My sister told me that I looked like I was still in high school with long hair.

- It's true- one man's trash is another man's treasure!  On our way home from a walk Saturday afternoon, Lash and I passed by a neighbor's moving out trash... which also included a sea grass rug!  You may remember this post here of our empty living room and how I mentioned I wanted to get one.  Well, this one was in good condition and I practically begged Lash to take it home. I'm sure we were a sight to see carrying this awkward, bulky 8 x 10 rug all the way to the other end of our street.  But it's perfect for the space and it was free!  {Don't worry, we inspected for dirt, smoke, dog hair, and vermits prior to bringing it inside, and cleaned it off!}  I love the added warmth and depth!

- We went crabbing at Laurel Spring Friday, and are now reaping the benefits of our harvest. The freezer is full of 25 crab cakes, and we also had crab nachos, a crab cake sandwich, and claws.. yum!

- Has anyone successfully recreated Taco Boy's Mexican Street Corn?  It is my favorite!!

Happy Sunday!


  1. My father in-law introduced me to picking up "treasures" in trash piles! People put out perfectly good stuff! Dargan and Beth gave me a cow bean bag from the street for my bday a few years ago! Your rug looks really good!

  2. ML- good eye! The rug looks great in your place. Way to go!! XO

  3. That rug is fabulous! Can't believe anyone would throw it out - great catch!