Monday, July 11, 2011

Wedding Recap: The Ceremony

Note: So continues the wedding recap.  When I promised the first post would be the longest, I might have sold myself short.  Hang in there, I hope you are enjoying the ride!!  Again, all photos are courtesy and copyright of John Wrightenberry photography.


Our wedding ceremony was held at the Parish Church of Saint Helena's in downtown Beaufort.  Founded in 1712, St Helena's is one of the oldest churches in the nation, and my church home growing up.  I have known all my life that I wanted to get married in this church.

Because of the threat of rain, we were ushered into the church early and up into the choir loft.  As guests began to arrive, I had to "hide" behind the organ so no one would see me!!  Thankfully, I had plenty of company and entertainment, but I'll be the first to admit that was a long 30 minutes.

One great thing about getting to hang out in the loft, I got to enjoy the beautiful opening music that I would have otherwise missed!  Our music selection featured an organ and a brass quartet from Charleston.  I love brass numbers... the more trumpets, the better. 

As for the flowers, I carried an all white bouquet, wrapped in a blue handkerchief for my something blue.   The girls carried similar bouquets with a few more pops of blue and green for color and contrast. {Please ignore the yellow caution symbols from iPhoto.  I have no idea how to get them to go away!}   

Despite the balcony confinement and threat of rain, I felt incredibly calm and relaxed in the moments leading up to the actual ceremony.  Surrounded by the most amazing friends and family, how could you not?

Below is our final daddy- daughter moment when my sister had processed and we were waiting for the doors to open to our moment in the spotlight.  We had a very special conversation and these seconds are one of my strongest and favorite memories of the day.

As soon as the doors opened, the moment took my breath away. . .

and I truthfully felt the presence of the Holy Spirit during the ceremony.

Afterwards, we were radiant!

During our photographs, Lash and I were supposed to take our couples shot last.  After what I thought was our last picture, Lash looked me in the eye and told me, "Mary Loyal, there is one more thing I have to give you."  

He then reached in his pocket and pulled out a second gold and diamond wedding band! I was absolutely speechless.  

I had no idea this surprise was coming (I had completely forgotten he had not given me a wedding gift yet), and I am so excited the photographer was able to capture this special moment on film.

Mr. and Mrs. Lash Springs :)

Up Next: The Reception

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