Friday, July 8, 2011

Wedding Recap: Getting Dressed

Note: So continues the series of our wedding recap.  For a refresh of the calm before the storm, click here.  All photos below, aside from the first two, are courtesy of John Wrightenberry photography.

The day of the wedding, I awoke with a feeling of pure joy I have never felt before.  I could not wait to marry my best friend.  Lash and I had previously determined that we were not going to talk the day of the wedding.  Though I, at first, was not quite on board with this plan, his persistence paid off, and looking back, I am so glad I conceded.  The first time we spoke or saw each other that day was in the church at the altar and it was amazing.

Though our wedding was not until 5, hair and make up began around 11.  I honestly cannot believe I am posting this picture, but it was such a memory of the day I have to.  Kristy of Velvet Salon has been doing my hair for 7 years, and I just adore her.  I have been growing my hair out for months for this blessed event, and we knew we were going for a classic bun/updo/nothing crazy.  Well!!!! This was part 1!

I looked like a LION!

The make up artist, who did not know Kristy, kept looking at me laughing and saying, "girl, I just cannot wait to see what she does with that!  She must be good if you are walking around smiling and trusting her with your basically afro!"  Well, trust is a good thing, because soon after, that (above) turned into this  (below) and I'd say it worked out just fine :)

Before I knew it, it was time for the dress.

My dress was made by Modern Trousseau, featuring an ivory lace with a mocha underlay.  Timeless and traditional, the a-lined front was scoop necked with capped sleeves.  The original model came with a keyhole back but I opted to remove the keyhole and instead have the back a "V" shape instead.  To add a slight contrast and also highlight my curvy figure,  I accented the look with a champagne colored sashed.  I kept the jewelry simple, pearl earrings with my mother's diamond jackets (my something borrowed), and a pearl bracelet.

In keeping with the very traditional theme, I selected a cathedral length veil, and trimmed it with the same lace from my dress.

Below, my finished look as I walked into the living room to show my bridesmaids.

We snapped a few pictures around the house.

And off to the church we went!

Up Next: The Ceremony


  1. LOVE the dress...absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. I get my hair done by Lauren at Velvet Salon (the one in Mt. P) - I think that's where Kristy works. Love the hair - I saved the photo. I'm so nervous about my hair - I know I definitely want to wear it up, so I've been scouring for updo pics I like -- especially updo styles that look good on round faces! :)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! You were a beautiful bride, ML. LOVE that last pic in the sideview mirror!

  4. A very glamorous wedding! You looked wonderful! My husband and I are recently married too -- we had a garden wedding though so a little more relaxed. It's so nice to read your re-cap having just been through it all myself.

    Sal x

  5. LOVE your dress...i think it was so stunning!

  6. That dress is GORGEOUS and you looked beautiful! Congrats to you and your hubby!