Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bad Luck Bananas

My family is in the Keys for my graduation present, and I learned something very important today--- do not take bananas on a boat.  I grabbed a banana for breakfast before my dad and I went offshore fishing.  As I put it in my bag, he quickly said “Don’t take that on the boat!  You must eat it before we leave the dock!”  I laughed, and thought he was crazy as he went on the explain the “social more” of taking naners on the boat.  Apparently, to many fisherman around the world, there is nothing unluckier than a banana on a boat.

According to some site I googled,

“The origin of this superstition is uncertain, but many believe that it began in olden times, when bananas were transported by rickety, overcrowded, top-heavy boats plying the tropics (now known as cruise ships). These boats would frequently sink, leaving behind a residue of floating yellow commas, thus leading witnesses to deduce that hauling bananas was unlucky. A more scientific explanation is that since bananas give off ethylene gas when they ripen, it causes other perishable foodstuffs to spoil more quickly. This expended-gas theory could be why it’s also considered unlucky to have a politician on board. Yet another theory suggests that crates of bananas would also contain unwanted pests, such as spiders, snakes, flies, mice and Beanie Babies.”


“In the early 1700’s, during the height of the Spanish’s South Atlantic and Caribbean trading empire, it was observed that nearly every ship that disappeared at sea and did not make its destination was carrying a cargo of bananas. This gave rise to the belief that hauling bananas was a dangerous prospect.”

I had no idea this superstition existed, nor do I particularly believe in superstitions, but I thought it was pretty entertaining and worth a mention….   

Though, it is important furthermore to note that yesterday, when I ate one on the boat, we got SKUNKED!  NO FISH!  Maybe its true!

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