Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Merry!

Hope Christmas was a wonderful holiday (and holy-day) for everyone.  My family and I had this incredible devotion on Christmas morning about making sure that Christmas remains a holy-day, and not just another holiday.  I know that even in my short 22 (almost 23!) years, I have definitely noticed how our "politically correct" secular society has replaced the nativity scene, Gabriel, and shepherds with snowmen, sleds, and nutcrackers.  It is saddening, for as Christians, we have an amazing reason to rejoice!  The Promised One, the Son of God, is here!  He has come to save us from our sins!  I pray that each and every one of you were able to remember that He alone is the reason for the season, and keep the Christ in Christmas!

We had the best Christmas at Laurel Spring.  All 21 of my dad's family (cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents) were there, and it was wonderful (and chaotic!!) to all be together under one roof for the better part of a week and a half.  There's nothing like family being together- the close relationships, good food, and tons of fun.  My dad's fam is quite the active bunch so our many activities included: shooting skeet, quail hunting (I got two!!), having a ladder ball tournament, playing games, walking twice a day, going to a debutante ball (all 21 of us), four-wheeling, and horseback riding.

It really was incredible to be away and have family time. . . especially since many of the cousins now have graduated, gone to college/ graduate school, gotten jobs far away, etc.  We don't get to see each other as often as we used to so the time together is certainly appreciated.  Also, several of the cousins' "significant others" (including Lash :)) were able to join us for a few days.  And, big news, my cousin Dargan's boyfriend proposed to her while we were there!  It certainly was a Christmas to remember.  I know we are all excited about the wedding and being together again this summer for it and our week at DeBordieu.

I'm now back in Charleston, unfortunately down for the count with a pretty nasty cold.  Too much fun and Christmas I guess, but thankfully the doctors in the fam were able to give me an antibiotic and other drugs so hopefully I will be on the rebound in no time.  (Specifically before NYE If I had it my way! I'm trying to find a miraculously cheap flight to Chattanooga or possibly be able to drive 7 hrs. .. .)

Anyways, I'm flying solo in Charleston this week and don't have any plans so I'll probably be blogging frequently. Lash is in Nebraska hunting with his family and Leah is skiing in Colorado. So, anyone have any good movie recommendations???  (Ahem, you should leave a comment--- this is my shameless plug).  I recently joined NetFlix and am definitely going to be hitting up that membership this week!  Hope the last few days of 2009 are wonderful for everyone!!

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