Monday, December 7, 2009

Online Shopping

I have a love/ hate relationship with online shopping for clothes. I don't have a similar relationship with places like Amazon (love it!), but when I'm ordering clothing online, I never know what I'm going to get!

Sometimes, I get lucky and find items that I end up wearing to death. Other times, I place an order online, and ultimately discover an internet shopping disaster when I go to try things on.

I guess that's the risk I take when browsing the web, but I hate it. I get so hyped up about my online purchases that I am so disappointed when they don't pan out. Someone has to be able to relate to me here, right??

Well, last week I ordered an impressive amount of merchandise from Forever21. I wanted some cute tunic-y dresses that I could layer over leggings or tights that I wouldn't hate ruining at a bar or similar event, or a cute, easy outfit that I could just throw on and go. Well, my items came today, after I have been stalking the shipment status hourly, and none of the items that I had been so excited about worked. The only thing I'm keeping is a $6.00 pair of skinny jeans... and I ordered those because I have never had a pair and wanted to see if they worked on me. Go figure!!

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