Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Police Report

Well, thought I was taking a blogging hiatus, but today's events deserve recapping!

As many of you may known, I never check my VM. However, today I was at work and received a voicemail from an unknown number. Because I had no idea who it was from, I figured I probably should check it out. Well, good thing I did because it was from the Charleston police department saying that they are investigating an incident that happened at my apartment.

(First, why would they ever leave that on someone's VM recorder-- that's a recipe for a heart and an anxiety attack!!I)

Naturally, I start freaking out, thinking someone has broken into my apartment, something is terribly wrong, someone has been hurt, or worse-- terrible things are running through my head. . . My fingers are shaking and my heart is pounding as I call the number back for an hour trying to get in touch with someone. No one answers, I leave two ovoicemails, call every number listed online for the police department. No one can help me figure it out. They have no record of an incident at my apartment.

I call my landlord, she has no idea anything is happening. I call my roommate Leah, and she has not heard anything. Luckily, she works downtown so she runs home, but nothing is wrong at the house- no windows are broken, the doors are still locked, and her bike is still out back. I am clueless (and still terrified haha).

I finally got in touch with someone almost two hours later. I have been near tears at the office trying to figure out what the hell is going on and feeling helpless. Well, it turns out that the property management group at the place I lived this summer on James Island still has my name on the lease agreement as the current tenant, even though I never signed the lease (remember that's why I moved out). I told the officer that maybe my name was on it because maybe they had not replaced it because no one had moved in yet... However, he laughed and explained that someone is living there because this new tenant had a raging party last weekend and something bad happened so the police are investigating the incident.

I am finally breathing one big sigh of relief! It was so frustrating not being able to get any information and answers. Understandably, I have not gotten a thing done at work this afternoon but thankfully everything is okay and I am not involved in the situation at all!!

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