Monday, September 12, 2011

An Upstate Affair

We had the best time in Clemson this past weekend. Despite my original expectations, the drive across the state honestly wasn't too bad.  We arrived just past dark thirty and anxiously awaited our "ferry" ride from our house for the weekend to the party house.

It was such a welcome surprise to be in the upstate and have cooler temperatures at night!  You really did need a light jacket.  I did a terrible job taking pictures Friday night, but our evening consisted of visiting with everyone and a late night game of Catchprase- my favorite! 

Saturday morning after a hearty breakfast, our tailgating train left at 10:30 for Death Valley.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and we all had a blast catching up with so many Wofford friends.  


We unfortunately will not be making it to Homecoming this year, but based on the incredible turn out of the weekend, we pretty much had our own little mini-Homecoming at Clemson.  This wasn't even everyone!

Once the kickoff was upon us, we were all anxious to see the Terriers play.  Typically, Clemson and Carolina have a little bit of difficulty playing against the option offense that Wofford runs, and that was true to form again on Saturday.  It was an exciting game, and we almost came out with a victory!!

With the grueling temperatures and absolute direct sunlight from our nosebleed highrise seats, at one point I literally was getting lightheaded from the heat.  Thankfully, Lash found some ice for me and let me take a time out in the shade before we had any medical emergencies.  As you can see from the pictures, I wasn't the only one struggling!

I left cheering on the t-dogs to my buddies and sought out some much desired AC at a nearby establishment and the Georgia/ Carolina game.  Being the nail biter thriller it was, we didn't leave Clemson until 8:30 that night as we couldn't peel our eyes from the game... Once we did finally make it back, we headed back to the boat and to our friends house for a very late supper and an even later pool party.

The guys, all fraternity brothers and best of buds, had the best time pretending like they were twelve again with a pool party and even chicken fighting (ha!). I thoroughly enjoyed waiting from the side and playing DJ... there is absolutely no way you're get me in a bathing suit after an all day of drinking!

After two nights of going to bed in the weeeee hours of the morning, our house was completely dark by 9:30 last night, and ten hours of sleep did us goooooood.

Yet, give me a thousand more sleepless nights if it is the company of friends.   

We're coming to discover that even though we may not see our people very often, it really is amazing how you can get back together, pick back up right where you left off and not miss a beat.  It was a great weekend of phenomenal fellowship with friends old and new.


  1. What a game! Sorry but I'm glad we pulled out the win. ;) The September games are always brutal - I was in Clemson last weekend and I looked about the same as you did in your 'cooling off' photo. I had to spend all day this past Saturday on the beach to get rid of my crazy tan lines from the game.

    Sounds like you had a fun weekend! I'll be in Clemson this weekend... and will probably have sleepless nights as well. :)

  2. I'm glad y'all had such a pretty weekend! It's crazy how much of a temperature difference there is between Chs and the Upstate.

  3. Our game two weeks ago was the same way, it was so hot, but yesterday it was COLD out there. and it's supposed to be 80 again on Tuesday. I had like three coats on and was still cool... ahhh not ready for winter!