Saturday, September 24, 2011

Desperate Housewife

A recap of how I survived being married to a medical student during test week

When we first moved into our sweet home, we mistakenly set up our rice bed before first laying down the rug beneath the bed.  When we finally realized our mistake, we were all so exhausted from moving that we just put the rug at the end of the bed and decided we'd move it later.  Well, five months later, the rug was still awkwardly at the end of the bed.

Monday night, all of a sudden, the rug had to go. At that minute.  It could not wait any longer. I was shocked at how far I could get move it by myself, but eventually got stuck and sent a "don't kill me when you get home but we have a small project to do" text.  Thankfully, Lash just laughed at my crazy antics and we finished moving it that night... but look what a difference it makes!

Clearly we've also settled a little bit more since my "before" picture - 
with curtains, a chair, etc.. 
which reminds me I need to do an update of our house! 

On Tuesday night, I decided it was time to tackle my unorganized closet and switch out the summer and fall wardrobe.   At this point, I was totally beginning to question my decision to make a gigantic mess...

but with Glee and eventually The New Girl {p.s. did anyone watch this show? I thought it was hilarious!!} on in the background, mission accomplished!

Wednesday, I completely vegged out with Modern Family and Bethenny's E True Hollywood story.  I have never watched more TV this week.  I was so sick of cleaning, organizing, and being myself by that point that I sent a last minute invite to Anna, Hanna, Ashley, Frances and Caroline to come over for dinner Thursday night.  I was so excited to have some company and people to cook for!

Lots of wine and a delicious meal later, we had an absolute blast.  I was having too much fun to remember taking any other pictures. Oops!  But it was the perfect final fling to pass the week with flying colors.

Friday was finally d- day, and I have never been happier to count down the hours for Lash.  Before Lash got into medical school, a wise friend told me that you would plan your weekends around the test schedule.  She wasn't kidding. I've been giddy thinking about it!  When I finally got home from work, my sweet husband surprised me with beautiful bouquet of gerber daisies, a bottle of Malbec (my fav!), and a dinner date to the Wild Olive (It was out of this world!)!

I'm so happy to have him back for the weekend!  Be back Monday . . .

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  1. I love the way the bed looks! We have a rice bed and I love it, classic and timeless! Where is the Carolina blue quilt/duvet from? beautiful!