Friday, November 4, 2011

Funk De Hump

I have been in a weird funk the past few days...  perhaps 'post-weekend' blues or maybe 'we're-back-in-the-routine' blues, or whatever.  It's not been my best week.

I am such a people pleaser, but its equally a fact of life is that you can't please everyone at all times. Unfortunately that lesson smacked me hard in the face this week, and it stings. 

Of course, we can do nothing but our best, but my best wasn't enough and time constraints, scheduling, and emotions all got in the way and warranted a major meltdown on my end.
By Wednesday, I looked {and felt} like I had been hit by a truck.... and not a Toyota, more like a freaking semi.

Finally, that afternoon I reached the turning point in my attitude.  Time truly does heal wounds and after taking a deep breath, you realize that the show must go on- whether as planned or on a different path.

Lash treated me to a date night at Al Di La Wednesday, and followed by an episode of Modern Family and a really good night's sleep, I have been ready to conquer the world.

For the first time all week, I feel rested, rejuvenated, and at peace.

I apologize for my silence, but I just haven't been myself.  I finally feel over the hump de funk, and eagerly am looking forward to the weekend with our house guests, brunch, and an engagement party.

A weekend with my girlfriends is exactly what I need right now!  Have a good weekend!

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  1. ugh, sorry you have been in a funk! sounds like your date night was fabulous. we love al di la and modern family! have a great weekend!