Thursday, November 10, 2011

What's Cooking

Sunday:  How Sweet Eats Warm Autumn Salad
via how sweet eats

After a weekend of little to no veggies, Sunday night I wanted nothing but.  We went meatless, and much to my great pleasure, this hit the spot... Even my butternut squash leery husband said, "I'm converted... I liked this, a lot." Bingo.  Jessica's original recipe calls for a feta cheese topping, but I used goat cheese with herbs and served with a toasted french loaf that provided a great textual contrast.  I've already recommended this to my family as a Thanksgiving or Christmas side dish!  Earthy, homey, and very satisfying.

Monday: Quail in Wine and Steamed Veggies

We've been here, done this before.  It's a great recipe, but this week, it didn't hit the spot as much as I wanted it too.   I was cleaning out the freezer, and I think as I cooked it as an obligatory, use it or loss it. Blah.

Tuesday: Penne with Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese and Roasted Brussel Sprouts

I was a single lady and wanted to try this recipe I'd pinned on pinterest. I had high expectations after a friend raved about it, and let me tell you, this did not disappoint!!  I followed Giada's recipe to a T and  the farmer's market homemade pasta was perfectly al dente, butternut squash and onions sweetly caramelized, goat cheese creamy (like a mac and cheese almost!), walnuts crunchy, and earthy undertones with the basil.  I LOVED this.  I'm making it again this Thursday night and I may add some crumbled bacon as well to please my carnivorous husband.

Wednesday: Crock Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup

This was my first crock pot recipe of the fall, and gosh, these things can be a life saver.  So easy and the soup was tasty!  I haven't had a taco/ tortilla soup in the longest time so this was a nice change for me... and really cheap to make.  I will keep this on the back burner on cold wintery days.  I halved the recipe but I did have to add more seasonings than the original.

What's cooking in your kitchen?


  1. This all looks great. I especially love anything with goat cheese, but sadly I am the only one in my family!! I could seriously eat it on anything!

  2. that chicken tortilla soup look amazing! mostly because i LOVE avocado and I see some peeking out ;)

  3. I just ate lunch, but those look so delicious!

  4. ooo, i'd love to try that warm salad. the colors are amazing.