Friday, November 18, 2011

NY State of Mind

Ooops!  Eight days and no blogging from my end.  I have a good excuse though...

I've been busy in New York!!

I've been up here for work since Tuesday, having some great meetings, bonding with my teammates, and enjoying our brand new state -of- the- art office space. 

After work today, I'm venturing into the city for the weekend and meeting my family  My sister is taking the train up from DC, and parents have flown in from South Carolina for a fun filled weekend!  I can't wait!

Be back soon with updates and lots of pictures! 


  1. How fun! New York sure is a magical place! :) Where is your company's office? Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. That's exciting!! Have fun this weekend exploring the city!

  3. how fun! have a blast!

  4. I just got home from NYC too! Can't wait to see your pictures!