Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Phone Dump

This is a typical night in our house after Lash finishes studying- a nightcap game of SkipBo or Gin. Yes sometimes, it may seem like we are twenty-five going on eighty, but I swear we are a fun bunch!!

A few Sundays ago, we were at St. Michael's when Matthew Pridgen gave a snippet of his testimony.  Immediately after the service I came home and download his book off of Amazon, From Folly, chronicling the true story of his survival in the ocean following a failed suicide attempt.  I sat on the couch that evening for four hours and knocked out the whole thing.  It is an amazing story.

I feel like a very big girl in the kitchen following my splurge on Truffle Oil.  I think I stood in the aisle of the grocery store for five minutes debating whether or not to buy it, but the $4.00 off sale won me over in the end.  Now, what do I do with it!??

If you can't tell by the above two photos, I cannot get enough of OPI "You Don't Know Jacques."

I cleaned out my couponing binder earlier this week and threw out the expired ones.  Seriously I felt like I felt like just threw away time when I was doing this.  I have a love/ hate relationship with couponing- I love the savings, but hate the amount of time that has to go into it.  I don't care about missing the deal by not using the coupons, I'm just mad I spent so much time clipping them only to chuck them. 

Can you spot how many things are wrong with the picture below?  This is my kitchen after a palmetto bug pursuit this evening.  The cabinets are open, cutting boards fallen over, pictures broken, appliances out of place, but the bug- dead, thankfully- with my husband's shoes!  You better believe I screamed like a little girl for ten minutes while this was unfolding and I was home alone.

I'm reveling in the last week at home before several weeks of travel.  I can't wait to share my "What's Cooking" this week!  There have been some fun surprises and delicious meals.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I really wish I could actually get into couponing. I feel like the items I want never seem to have a coupon for!