Sunday, February 14, 2010


I've been reading all about the Smowmaggedon/ Snowtorious B. I. G. that swept Washington, D.C. last week and was really excited to hear that Charleston might actually get some winter weather this weekend.  Well, the weatherman had it right on Friday!  It actually snowed in the Lowcountry. 

Lash and I after a yummy supper at Basil:

Here is a picture of my house in the snow.  However, the Lowcountry is totally NOT prepared for snow and our electricity went out probably an hour and a half after it began and did not come on again until 5 am!

So, we didn't want to open the fridge and spoil our food- so we had a makeshift cooler on our patio furniture.  (P.S. Can't wait for summer so we can grill out in our little courtyard-- isn't it adorable?)

This would have been a really cute picture but the snow flake covering the right side of my face kind of messed that up!

So, because of the snow/ no- electricity situation, Lash, my roommate, her boyfriend and I decided to have a night in. . . complete with mexican train dominos :)  (Note: I have a beautiful glass dining room table that I did not want to scratch with dominos so I covered the table with towels)

It was so fun!

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  1. Andrew and I LOVE mexican train dominoes! We will play anytime. :) See you Thursday.