Monday, February 8, 2010

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

I'm so excited to hear and see that people are reading my blog!  A special shout out goes to those of you who have left comments or clicked the official "follow" button.  What an honor!  And, those of you who have left a post on my Facebook wall or seen me in person and told me you are reading, it means so much to me. . .  Thank you!! :)

It really is neat seeing how blogs get passed along to friend of friends or visited by the random passerby.  So even though I honestly have no idea who all actually reads this mess, I am flattered you are here, and my curiosity of who exactly you are hasn't killed this cat quiet yet!  However, I would love to hear from you!!  Leave me a comment with what your own blog is, your favorite blog, how you found me, or just saying hi!  (P.S. thanks Nola Girl for the post idea!)

Also, in honor of these new readers that have shown up on ClustrMaps or Google Analytics (I've turned into a tech junkie.. who would have thought!), I thought I'd do a little post to get to know me better. . . through my favorite things!! Though I'm no Oprah, here's a list of eight creature comforts that I reallllly enjoy in this world.  Warning, this post is not to be taken too seriously as these are very material. . . and in no particular order.

1. Cooking Light Magazine- Cooking with healthy flair AND you get to keep all the flavor- what's not to love?!
2. Mentholatum- The Best Chapstick- in the world.
3. Ugg Bedroom Slippers- So comfortable and so warm.  My feet are happy!
4. Kombucha- Try one, and your life will be changed.  Instant cure for any ailments, gives you TONS of energy plus all the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants you need. A miracle.

5. Heating Pads- Heaven in a blanket.
6. MacBook-  I <3 Apple.
7. Pashminas- A great accessory, especially in the winter to spice up a drab winter day!
8. Patagonia Fleeces- I practically live in mine in the winter (aside from the 9-5 business casual attire).

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  1. Well, you are very welcome. I found your blog when you stopped by to say hi on mine, and I have loved reading all of your posts! Cooking Light is my very favorite magazine!!!!!