Monday, April 12, 2010

New Orleans Recap

Now that I have had time to catch up on sleep and recover from traveling, it's time to recap the weekend in NOLA!

Friday's travels were thankfully a breeze!  I met two girls in Columbia, and together we drove to Charlotte to catch our flights.  The bride met us there in the Charlotte airport, and it was SO fun to all be on the same flight together sitting next to each other. . . though I'm not sure how much the other passengers around us enjoyed our incessant laughter and jokes :)

The MOH picked us up from the airport, and we went straight to our gorgeous hotel (executive suite!!) to get ready.  Once the entire group was ready- by the way, 7 girls in one bathroom- we headed to Port O' Call for delicious hamburgers and even more delicious monsoons, their signature drink.  Here is a picture of us waiting for our table with our monsoons in hand.  Thankfully, we had fabulous weather and were able to sport our springy clothes!

After dinner, we were all eagerly anticipating a fun night in the French Quarter.  Per the bride's request, we headed to the Cat's Meow for some karaoke!  Don't let the below picture deceive you- I am a very stage shy and hate being the center of attention. . . but I tried to be a good sport!  So, I made it on stage for maybe 30 seconds, but the other girls love the spotlight and lasted the entire song.

This is my crazy friend Concetta who sure knows how to entertain a crowd.  She is hysterical!! :)

After we had sung our hearts out, it was time to go dancing!  We headed to NOLA girl's favorite club and recommendation for us, The Gold Mine.  And it was awesome!! My favorite favorite too!!

Thanks to our body guards (another post in itself!), we all made it back to the hotel in one piece. . . which with seven girls, a big city with a festival going on, and alcohol is no small feat in itself!

On Saturday, we took it easy in the morning and once everyone was up and at 'em, we set off to explore New Orleans and all that the French Quarter Festival had to offer.  It was so neat to walk around, look at all the vendors, eat po'boys, and listen to the live bands that randomly popped up on each block.

That night, we had a lovely evening at the MOH's house.  Our gracious host kicked off the evening an awesome cocktail that I cannot wait to get the recipe for- cucumber, mint, melon, vodka something something.  It was so freshing!  When I get the recipe, I will definitely post it because it will be perfect for those sweltering hot summer days ahead of us.  

Here are all the bridesmaids at the shower.  I discovered, to no surprise of anyone, that since I am the shortest, I will be walking down the aisle first at the wedding.  No pressure, right?  I hope I don't trip! haha

After our meal, we all gave Tippins' her lingerie (she got some beautiful, very classy pieces!), and then headed out for our limo ride around the city!  None of us were really down with going out that night as we had to be up early for our flights the next day, and we headed in around one.  

Sunday, it was hard to say goodbye, but after such a fabulous trip, we left with smiles on our faces and great memories.  Now I just can't wait to go back in June for the wedding. . . I love New Orleans!


  1. Yay! I'm so glad yall had fun. What a perfect weekend to be there!!!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! I want a nice girls weekend, but I don't have any on the horizon..

  3. So glad that you guys had a great time! I'm from Louisiana (currently living in SC) and these pics brought a smile to my face! :o) Thanks for sharing!