Friday, April 16, 2010

High Cotton

Lash and I are going on a date tonight to one of my favorite restaurants in town, High Cotton, and I am so excited!!  He received a gift certificate to the restaurant for coaching a little league football team this fall (adorable, I know), and we have been meaning to go use it up ever since!

The only drawback was that we aren't going to be able to go until 9:15pm.  And, I am such an old maid, I'm all about the early bird special.  I eat dinner around 6:30- 7:00 every night. . . Waiting until 9:15 is going to be a stretch!  I've been trying to plan my day around a late dinner by eating breakfast and lunch later than usual and after work, I've tried to busy myself by going on a walk, painting my toe nails, doing laundry, vaccuuming etc (all typical Friday evening activities, right?). . . trying to keep out of the kitchen so I won't snack! hehe I'm kind of a loser :)

You may remember this post here when Lash and I went to High Cotton for his birthday.   Aside from their many, many delicious entrees, I am obsessed with HC's brussel sprouts.  Weird,  I know to be planning my meal around a veggie, more specifically brussel sprouts, but I can't wait.  I am going to harass the waiter until he gives me the recipe.  My attempts to duplicate them royally failed. . . and they are SO good.

Anyways, my hot date just arrived so we're off for our midnight snack dinner :)  Hope everyone has a great evening!!

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  1. Oh girl, you think you eat early? All those labs at Wofford made me get used to eating sometime after 5. Now anything I eat after 6 is late for me! :) Hope you enjoy your date and get that recipe!