Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weekend in Pictures

Please excuse the chaos of my blog lately. I feel like it is about as all over the place as I am.

Friday, as I mentioned, Lash and I went to dinner at High Cotton.  Thankfully, I was able to make it to our 9:15 reservations without gnawing a limb off or raiding the fridge dry!  Our meal was delicious, and it was such a nice, relaxing way to spend the evening.  I love date nights!

Obviously, RE the above, my camera is a worthless p.o.s., and I hate it.  Some pics are blurry, some are crystal clear- with no rhyme or reason.  I've played with the settings (to no avail) and I'm about to chuck it in the Charleston harbor.  Also, please excuse my extreme paleness.  I plan to devote my entire day Saturday to this problem. :)

Saturday, the Blue Angels were flying in town so we headed to Mt. P to watch them from Lash's aunt's dock.  It was such an awesome way to spend the day- - - outside in the beautiful weather, overlooking the water, hanging out with great people, maybe drinking a cold beer or two.  Hello, summatime!!  By the way, the Blue Angels are always a treat to watch.  Definitely go see them if they are in your area!

Overlooking the Ravenel bridge

This is "Fat Albert."  He flies around before the Blue Angels get going to let everyone know to get ready because the show is about to start.

Ya know, the Blue Angels are pretty fast.  Its pretty difficult to capture them on camera! haha!

Just like Top Gun.  In person.

Saturday night, Lash and I went out for a little while which was very fun, especially now that it is getting warm!  I'm very fortunate that my apartment is also located within easy walking distance to King Street and East Bay Street so going out for a drink is a breeze-- no need for cabs, we can walk!

PS I also recognize that I just wore this dress in the pictures from last weekend in New Orleans.  Whoops.  Didn't realize that when I was putting it on.  Luckily, only the blog world can call me out as I didn't see anyone I was with in New Orleans last weekend this weekend.  Whateva.  I changed necklaces. . . that has to count for something, right?

Also, this weekend, I was also able to find my long searched for sandal.  I ended up going with the Steve Madden Sahara Sandal in Cognac (tan).  

I definitely did not expect the tan to take my breath away but I got it for a great price and think it will be a fun shoe to have.  I still am going to keep my eyes open for the elusive gold sandal, but until now, my feet (and VISA) are well satisfied.

Well, it is almost 9:00 on a Tuesday night, and you know what that means-- LOST!!!! :)  HOORAY!  Though we have only 4 new episodes left in the. entire. series. after tonight.  I am already concerned about how the hell my TV life is going to go on after the dreaded evening of May 25th.  Adios amigos, time to get LOST!