Friday, June 25, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Skinny

The Good: I went for a long, long run yesterday, and it felt so good to be outside and run off some steam.
The Bad:  I made the grave mistake of going right at 5:30 when I got home from work.
The Skinny: My face was the color of my fuschia exercise top, and I felt like I was seconds away from a heat stroke when I got home.

The Good:  After running, I went to the Riverdogs baseball game, which are so fun. PURE is a corporate sponsor of the team so we have awesome front row seats behind home plate.
The Bad: Thirsty Thursday beers were a perfect thirst quencher in the summer heat. 
The Skinny:  I only had two, but I'm dragging a little bit today.  I'm attibruting this mostly to my pre-game run.  Drinking beer after a near heat stroke did nothing to help rehydrate.

The Good:  Baseball reminds me of America.  And being American reminds me. . . Fourth of July is coming up SO soon!!!  It appears that we have an awesome group of friends meeting up in Garden City and Murrells Inlet.  I cannot wait!
The Bad:  I need to dust off Jillian and get my booty in shape and bathing suit ready.
The Skinny:  So much work. Not much time. 

The Good: TGIF!!!
The Bad: No plans for the weekend.
The Skinny:   Thank goodness for no plans.

Enjoy your weekend!!!!

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  1. I dusted off Jillian yesterday for the first time since the fall... and I'm feeling it today. I also thought I was seconds away from heat stroke after The Shred. I made a mental note to not do that again in the middle of the day in our apartment that has no A/C.