Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Orleans. . . You Win Again!

What a fabulous wedding weekend we had in New Orleans.  I tell you what, I'm honestly sad the wedding is over because now my friends and I don't have a reason to go back to New Orleans anytime soon. . . or set dates that we'll all be together for parties or showers!

The weekend was quite the marathon.  Historically, marathons are not my thing but somehow I was able to squander up the energy and good attitude needed :)  Let me tell you, though, I have not stopped since my little feet stepped onto the tarmac at the airport on Thursday.  We were wined and dined throughout the Big Easy from the luncheon at Commander's Palace (celebrity spotting: Macy Gray- so cool), and rehearsal dinner at Antoine's.  I have so much to tell about the weekend but also in typical fashion, I let my paparazzi friends do all the photography so I have to wait for my Facebook notifications to go a little crazy.

I'll hopefully do a full recap of everything tomorrow so stay tuned but here is a sneak peak. . . Don't you love our bridesmaid dresses???  I just love them!

Tippins is a MRS!!!

P.S. Nola Girl, still obsessed with the Gold Mine.  The entire wedding party was there until 3:30 am last night boogying the night away.  Best bar ever.

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