Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tippins' Wedding Part 3: The Wedding!!

I forgot to put in yesterday's post that our celebrity siting at Commander's Palace was the one and only Macy Gray!

I tried to say goodbye, and I choked. . .  (Props to anyone who gets my terrible joke. I just ran it by my sister as I typed this and she is not pretending to not know me.)

Anyways, on to the wedding!!

We spent all day Saturday at Tippins' parents' house lounging around and getting our hair and make up done.  Tippins' parents have a gorgeous home, and it was such a relaxing way to spend the day, chatting and laughing with each other in the comfort of a home!  Tippins was so calm and peaceful, and honestly the day is one of my favorite memories in the entire trip.

However, when 5:00 came around and it was time to get dressed for our 5:30 pictures, we were so excited!!  Here we are getting ready.  The necklaces that we are wearing were our bridesmaids gift from the bride. . . that she made herself! The green matched our dresses perfectly!


Enjoying a celebratory glass of champagne as we got dressed and helped Tippins into her dress.

The bride and her maid of honor

Above: my first attempt at a collage.  Ok blogger whizzes, help a sista out!  I've seen the adorable ones you all do. 

Following our shoe game toast from the night before, we all decided to sign the bottom of Tippins' wedding shoes.  Legend has it that which ever bridesmaid's name is the least rubbed out by the end of the reception that that bridesmaid will be the next bridesmaid to get married!  

By the way, we got escorted to the church and reception by a police escort.  I felt like such a VIP.  The ceremony was beautiful, reception so much fun, food delicious, and the band was rockin'!  And little did we know, it seemed like as soon as it started, it ended.  The bride and groom left to a second line, and instead of throwing rose petals or birdseed, or lighting sparklers, we got doo rags and danced behind the bride and groom as they left!!!  Y'all, it was hysterical.  I wish we had a video!

After the wedding, we were not ready to end our night and headed out to one of my favorite places in New Orleans, the Gold Mine!  Nola Girl, I am obsessed with this place, thanks for the recomendation!!!  I had been bragging to everyone all weekend about how great it is and how we have to go, and now they totally agree!  We stayed there until 3:30am dancing and singing the night away.  I loved it.

Sunday morning was super hard to leave, namely because we'd pushed our bodies to max for three days getting up early, being busy all day, and staying up late each night, but I would not change a thing about the whole weekend.  It was such a blast.

My biggest complaint was when I got home, I got robbed by the Charleston airport parking.  Not literally robbed, but my wallet is now officially empty.  It cost me $60 to park my car there for the weekend.  What the heck!?!?  That is highway robbery!!

Anyways, I'm already counting down until my next girlfriend gets married. . . though I have a lot of resting and recovery to do after the weekend debauchery.  Who's it going to be!?!?  :)

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  1. Isn't the police escort just the most exciting thing!!! I felt like royalty being escorted down St. Charles Ave. I'm so glad you got to experience all of the best things New Orleans has to offer!! I mean, the Gold Mine at 3:30 am, what could be better!!!