Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Friday, everyone!

I am so thankful it is Friday!!  This May and June to- date have been the busiest I ever remember, and I'm so glad to have the weekend for a little R&R. . .  Speaking of, this is my first weekend to be home in 6 weeks!  So say that I am so thankful not to be packing a bag and getting in the car or a plane is a little bit of an understatement!

Thankfully, I don't have too many plans. . .Or too many things that have to get done!  Lash and I are going to pop over to my cousin's house and have a birthday beverage with him and his girlfriend, and then come back and cook some of the fish we caught in Florida.  I'll be sure to post the recipe, but it is a keeper!  Pan- sauteed snapper with a Key Lime Butter Sauce. . . Yummmm.

Saturday, I'm sticking my toes in the sand with a book in hand alllll day long on Sullivan's. I can't wait to be a beach bum.  Lash's twin sisters are in town celebrating their birthday so we plan to go out with them for a fun night on the town after the beach.  Ahh I can't wait to spend the weekend here!

And Sunday is my daddy's birthday and of course, Father's Day.  Luci and I are heading to Beaufort to spend the day on the water with the fam.  So though I will have to get in the car to go to Beaufort, I think I can manage.

Hope everyone has a great and relaxing weekend!  How is it already June 18th???

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