Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beaufort Party Weekend

As I've mentioned, this past weekend was the official kickoff of our wedding season!

Saturday night, several of my parents' best friends threw us a cocktail party at a gorgeous home overlooking downtown Beaufort.  The guest list had a large Beaufort contingency of my parents' and family's close friends in addition to family and our Wofford friends.  A formal affair, it was the perfect introduction to the festivities and one of the most fun parties I have ever been too.  The entire night I left like I was floating on air and my cheeks hurt by the end of the night from smiling so big.

My family snapping some pictures before the party
Future in-laws!
My parents gave us our first pieces of silver, we finished getting ready, and headed off.
After the receiving line, my dad gave the sweetest toast.
We then cheers-ed in our "happy flutes" which we will be using at all of our live's happy times, at engagement parties, and at our wedding, and laughed and talked the night away.
The flowers were stunning, the food incredible, and they even served Kir Royales- my favorite!
During the party, our hosts graciously gifted us with our first piece of china!
My bridesmaids :)

I am not exaggerating when I say that no one wanted to leave the cocktail party, and I am pretty sure the hosts were ready to drive us downtown themselves while we waited on the cabs.

Sunday, my family and I had everyone over for brunch at my house, hung out on the dock for a little bit, and pretty much everyone dispersed after that for a little downtime.

That afternoon, my parents' other best friends hosted a Lucy Creek Oyster Roast for us at their beautiful home down the creek from my parents.  In true lowcountry fahion, this party was a fun, casual, laid- back affair that showcased some of Beaufort's finest.  No stone was left uncovered in the decor, the food, the band, and the wine (the one, get it??). It was incredible.

Check out this setting- GORGEOUS!
Wofford :)

I am so sad this weekend is over, but what incredible memories. Everything could not have been more perfect.  I am so honored and humbled by how many of our friends were able to make the trek to Beaufort. It would not have been the same without them there, and it just filled my heart to be reunited.

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