Monday, January 10, 2011

Gym Woes

I joined a gym a few months ago, and it was one of the best thing I could have ever done for myself at this point in life. . . I've been feeling much more energized, sleeping better, banging out some stress, really improving my distance training, all is good.

I have had no complaints about the gym until my three last visits.

On Thursday, after circling in the parking lot for 20 minutes after work, I determined there was no spot to be found. . . which, of course, I happily blew off for one day and used it as my excuse not to exercise.  However, I am really frustrated by the increased number of individuals hanging around the gym these days.  Yes, I'm really excited everyone has made new years resolutions to get fit, but I am selfishly ready for February when everyone's resolutions have fallen by the wayside, and I can park my Jeep without having to feel like a vulture!

On Friday afternoon, I begrudgingly dragged myself to workout because I knew I was eating Basil (thai) for supper and I for sure had a pad thai belly coming on!  Let me tell you, I firmly believe you should burn double calories just for showing up on a Friday, and triple for showing up on a Friday afternoon, but that is neither here nor there. . .

Anyways, I was on a treadmill, happily running away when all of a sudden, I got a whiff of something f.o.u.l. I was hopeful someone had just walked by that needed an extra dose of deo, but the smell permeated the air around me and would not go away.  Suddenly, I felt like my throat was closing up, I was gasping for clean air, and my eyes were about to water {ok, slightly exaggerated, but not really}.  When I was literally to the point of nausea, I realized it was the gentleman on the treadmill next to me who had the worse B.O. I have ever smelled in my entire life.  {I have to pause for a minute to wipe the vomit off the keyboard}.  It was so bad I had to move treadmills.  Are you kidding me????

Today, I was eager to bang out a long day of work on a treadmill.  I was apprehensive about finding a parking spot after Thursday's no luck, but was hopeful Charleston's atrocious wintry weather would deter some gym-goers today.  As soon as I pulled into the parking lot, someone got into their car right where I was and I sat with my blinker on to take their spot.  An Expedition pulled up on the other side as I was patiently waiting.  Oh no, I thought, I was here first.  I thankfully was able to get the spot, but the Expedition waited behind my car until I got out, rolled down their window in the freezing rain, and gave me their foul- language infused two cents about how rude I was, how they were there first (false), how long they had been circling, and demanded me to apologize.  Y'all, this complete jackass was so rude, I started crying.  Seriously.  I wish I had had the nerve to snap back at this individual (I wanted to keep back in my car and ram him), but I was terrified I'd come out to slashed tires or something.  He then preceded to work out a few ellipticals away from me and I was so mortified I tried to avoid making any kind of eye contact his way like the plague.


I need a clean slate with MUSC.


  1. Oh no! What a jerk! I am sorry! But that is miserable!
    This weather makes people nuts.

  2. hhahahhaha the BO story just made me L.O.L......hhahahhahahha