Friday, January 21, 2011

City Slicker

I am sitting right now in the Westchester County airport, wrapping up an incredible business trip to NY. 

I loved pretending to be a city girl for a few days.  South Carolina born and raised, my visits to NY have been brief and quite spread apart.  As much as I love being a southern belle, visiting the city is such a fun change!  How incredible to walk everywhere, have fabulous restaurants within your fingertips, and easy transportation at your disposal. I also love the energy and vibe of the city!  And the snow- what a fun change.  I woke up to 5 fresh inches this morning.

Over my stay, I got to meet a lot of people I've worked with for twenty months and had not had the opportunity to meet yet.  How wonderful to finally put a face to a name!  I will say I had a vision of what I expected several to look like and how I expected their mannerisms to be- a couple I had nailed, but a few absolutely threw me for a loop! :)

As I am sitting at the airport, much crowded because of weather and mechanical delays, I am reminded of one of my favorite blogs these days- the lil bee.  A Monday post series entitled "On My Mind. . . " are some of my favorite posts to read. She used to write these on her morning commute on the train, as she was inspired by her surroundings.  I love reading and exploring her thought process.  She is not working or commuting any longer, but still doing the post from home. They are great!

I have chuckled thinking if I were to do "on my mind" post, inspired by this airport.  There is some quality material all around me.  I am staring at TWO cavachons barking up a storm- I pray they are not on my flight. The whiny child behind me is smacking his grapefruits (I hate that sound), and screaming to his mother, "what does constitute mean?" A overall clad man to my left is screaming into the phone, "we gunna go to florida once da plain ben fix'd" Another gentleman behind me saw my Bon Appetit and heckling me if I am a food critic - ah, in my dreams! 

This place is crazy and I can't wait to get home!  I love to travel but there is nothing like coming home.  Lash turned 25 Wednesday and, of course, I missed it so we are going out tomorrow night. We've said we are trying to branch out and try a new restaurant- - - it seems there have been tons of new ones opening in Charleston lately!  I'll keep you posted if we uncover a gold mine.

Also- I know this post is scattered- but please send me any new (preferably healthy) recipes to try!  I have been eating on the ROAD lately traveling and I can't wait to get back into the kitchen next week.  Until then, have a great weekend!!!

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