Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Birthday Week ...

. . . started off with a parking ticket. What a bummer, dude!

Apparently, parking over 18" away from the curb in downtown Chucktown will cost you 10 bones these days.  But, you better believe I am paying this bad boy STAT because it goes up to $30 if payment is not received in 30 days. And that, my friends, is ridiculous!

I am, however, making out better than the unfortunate individual parked on our street who has a big fat boot on their driver side front tire.  This dear Four Runner has been parked in the same spot on Rutledge for as long as I can remember, and they must have ended up on the wrong side of my dear neighbors' wrath, because the boot is on and the gig is up!  I really wish the owner would just come claim their coche, but at this point, it's not quite like they can get their car and move on.

Anywho- back to a more fun topic- it is birthday week!

Like I mentioned yesterday, Lash is in the midst of test week and locked in the prison known as the MUSC library.  Subsequently, we are celebrating this weekend, but my sly little fiance has hinted he has something up his sleeves.  Curiosity kills this cat, and I can't wait to figure out what is up.

Until then, I am very thankful my wonderful family is coming to keep me company as my internal clock strikes 24.  Wednesday night, my mom is coming to visit, and I hear we are all set to talk business (aka wedding).  We are entering a little bit of crunch time!

Thursday, my dad is joining us in town, and we are celebrating!  We have big plans to start the evening at Enoteca for some vino and then move down the block to Trattoria Lucca!  I am so excited.  I've only eaten at Lucca once, but it tops my Food Network list of "the best thing I've ever eaten." I can't wait to go back.

Unfortunately, Luci can't join us but she will be in Spartanburg celebrating her own exciting occasion- having officially 100 days until she graduates from college- go goose! :)  We will miss you!

Pictures and details to follow. Maybe a little wedding update, too! Hope everyone is having a great start to February thus far!

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