Monday, February 7, 2011

Sup(p)er Bowl

Lash and I did not have any plans for the Super Bowl this year as he actually is in the midst of hell test week.  Knowing he would spend the majority of the night in the library, I really wanted to make sure he felt loved and included in the fun!   My love language must be cooking because I happily spent the afternoon in the kitchen whipping up some football fare for him.  I love the idea of appetizers for supper so a Super Bowl fiesta is right up my alley!

I meant to post this earlier, but woe is me, and time sure got away from me.  Last year, I made these Roasted Asian Chicken Wings by Emeril Lasage for a party we went to and they were a huge hit!  Save this for your next season's football fete!

This year, Santa so graciously gifted Lash with a deep dryer for Christmas, and it has been calling our name to get in trouble with!  So, in keeping with the sacred wings and football tradition, I set off Sunday to fry that chicken.  I am brand new behind the fryer, but I think they turned out pretty good!  This go-round we went for the lemon pepper variety.

I also made some Pioneer Woman Jalapeno Poppers because I love them and I love her.  And I wrapped them in bacon.  Because I needed to get rid of it.  Or that's at least what I've been telling myself.

Don't worry, I did NOT get on the scale this morning nor did I sleep a wink last night because of the total crap I put into my body last night.  Super Bowl fair is not conducive to wedding weight.  I'm trying to convince myself that because I ran three miles yesterday before the caloric overload, it had to negate each other. Ha.

I am glad the Super Bowl only comes once a year!!

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